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The Kitchen is the most used part of the house. Many women and families end up spending maximum time in the Kitchen. So, here are some tips to rejuvenate your kitchen.

The Kitchen is the most used part of the house. Many women and families end up spending maximum time in the Kitchen. Some use the space as a family gathering space too, while cooking elaborate meals. Others prefer quick meals or hire professionals. Hence each person has distinct needs which need to be catered to, while designing a kitchen.

Modular kitchen makes it easy for you to stay organised and as a result, efficient each day. Modular kitchens are extremely popular due to their stunning designs and accessories. For your modular kitchen, you can choose a color and finish that compliments your home interiors. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a new home, there are some major points to consider before zeroing in on a modular kitchen.

Rejuvenate Your Modular Kitchen - Trending designs
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Modular kitchens give a home a more contemporary look. Their streamlined design incorporates appliances and cabinets that have one theme and complement each other, giving the kitchen a sophisticated and professional look.

Unit sizes and colors can be mixed and matched, offering an organised space with a better workflow. These kitchens allow for compact space saving units, avoidance off clutter and the best utilisation of space. This organization is especially crucial to smaller kitchens.

Modular kitchens
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Modular kitchen designs use smart techniques to create much needed extra storage space in an aesthetically pleasing manner making maximum use of every corner.

Lets start with different types of kitchen layouts (indian modular kitchen design) you could opt for :

1. Straight Line Kitchen

Straight Line Kitchen
Source : modspace.in
This type of kitchen is best for studio apartments. Unlike the other layouts, it only occupies one side of the wall and provides optimum efficiency and gives the best designs of small modular kitchen. However, this kind of layout does not provide for adequate work and storage space.

2. Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen
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It is combined with other kitchen layouts, but its distinct feature is that it has an independent platform in the middle of the kitchen which can be used as a breakfast table. This type of layout requires a large / open kitchen area.

3. Parallel Kitchen

Parallel Kitchen
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If you’ve got a dry balcony, storeroom door or even a window in between the walls of your kitchen, this layout will fit well. There are two platforms adjacent to the wall and parallel to each other in this type of layout. The parallel kitchens give the perfect efficiency. You can get it in medium to large sized kitchens. The only major drawback is that if the space is too narrow, the space would get easily crowded.

4. Peninsular Kitchen

Peninsular Kitchen
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Similar to the island kitchens. It has an independent platform. But unlike the island kitchen, this is connected to the main platform. Best suited for the open kitchens.

5. L-shaped Kitchen

L-shaped Kitchen
Source : finiiinteriors.com
L shaped modular kitchen is the most popular type of layout. The platform works on two perpendicular sides of the kitchen. You can adapt to this layout in any kitchen size.

6. U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen
Source : krioskitchens.com
If you’ve got a big kitchen but don’t want an island kitchen, then the U shaped modular kitchen is the next best bet. Its platform runs through 3 walls forming a U shape. It has many cabinets, drawers and wall units. Ideal for big bungalows.
Although, you only get the freedom to choose a layout if there is no pre-existing platform. Read our The advantage of a platform less kitchen while getting a modular kitchen for more information.

The one common grievance everyone has at home is that ‘there isn’t enough space’. Thanks to innovations in kitchen design, today we have a number of kitchen hardware options in the market that help us organize ourselves and also save space.

If you’re designing a new modular kitchen, or renovating your old one here are some tips for you.

1. Corner Sink/Wash Casket

Corner Sink/Wash Casket
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The kitchen corner is often the toughest space to utilize, whether it's inside the cabinets or on top of the counter. A corner kitchen sink, though often more expensive than a straight one, can be a good way to utilise the corner. Corner sinks are now being manufactured in India by brands such as Nirali, and are easily available. Corner sinks also add a unique visual appeal to your kitchen.

2. Pull Out Cabinets

Pull Out Cabinets
Source : hgtvhome
Pull out cabinets organize, de-clutter and help utilize every inch of your cabinet space. You can easily access 100% of your cabinet space without kneeling or stooping, and also get heavier items from your cabinets with minimal effort. It’s best to place pull out cabinets below the kitchen counters and push up cabinets overhead, to make things more accessible and provide better ergonomics of working within the kitchen.

3. Drawer Systems / Organizers

Drawer Systems / Organizers
Source : kemblakitchens.com
What could be more delightful than finding the potato peeler exactly when you require it? Modern kitchen drawer fittings transform cluttered drawers of cutlery, cooking spoons, or snacks, into an organizers delight!There are also plenty of attachments that can help you organise your pots and pans so you don’t have to sift through 10 of them before finding the one you’re looking for. Imagine the difference this could make to your cooking routine.



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