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When they said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is highly probable they were talking about the Indian monsoons – unpredictable and beautiful, the rains can tough, making preparation utterly imperative.

When they said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is highly probable they were talking about the Indian monsoons – unpredictable and beautiful, the rains can tough, making preparation utterly imperative.

Monsoon is one of the most exciting seasons of the year, when you feel maximum attachment to Nature, witnessing the raindrops kissing the surface of the mother earth. However, this happiness comes at a cost, the rainy season may cause damages to your building. Walls and the roof are the most affected areas, but along with it, you should also keep in mind that the damp air can cause large damage on your accessories and furniture as well.

Homeowners should give attention to several key points before indulging in the preparation for a monsoon-ready house. Before the rains cost you innumerable repair charges, take precautionary measures before monsoon sets.

Here are some tips that may help you take care of your home and family this monsoon, if you haven’t already.

1. Get your roof ready for the rains.

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Inspect your roof twice per year to avoid costly problems that can escalate into tremendous cost. In case of any crack, a waterproof coating can be applied. Clean the rain water pipes occasionally to ensure smooth drainage of rain water from the roof. Also, call a plumber and replace rusted or broken drain pipes immediately.

2. Avoid water pooling.

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Do a thorough check of your house and make sure there are no puddles or pools of water anywhere - be it in a flower pot in the garden, a bucket in the garage, or even the sewers and drains around your house, as these can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the diseases that come with them, such as Cholera, Malaria and Dengue.

3. Painting

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It is essential to paint the walls of your house in the most correct manner. All exterior painting work should be carried out before the advent of monsoon. The choice of the paint is crucial as it not only protects the wall from downpours but also prevents the rainwater from seeping through the walls. Try to use waterproof paints and the addition of a water sealant, which works as a protective layer on concrete walls.

4. Greenery Check

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Heavy rains pose the risk of falling trees, which can lead to both damage and injuries. Make sure there are no trees around your house that pose a potential hazard to you, your home or even your parked car. Check for loose branches or chances of uprooting, and contact government officials if you detect a risk.

5. Tackle your Doors and your Windows.

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Repaint metal-framed doors and windows to avoid rusting as well as stop the rain from seeping though them. Wooden doors and windows swell up during monsoon if they are not properly fixed. Call a carpenter before the rainy season to fix them properly.

6. Clean your Garage

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Water can flow into your garage, causing seepage and damage to your car or other stored items. Ensure that your garage is cleaned regularly or arrange for a temporary garage for your car to keep it safe during monsoon turbulence. You can also seal it off using some adhesive or even stuff plastic into the edges to avoid water coming in.

7. Electric connections

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Get an electrician to check all electrical connections and outside electric switches to see if they are exposed to rain. Cover them without any delay to avoid chances of electric shock or short-circuit. Additionally, repair all damaged electric cords for a safer environment at home during monsoon.

8. Prepare an Emergency Kit

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You may think this is too much effort, but if you live in a coastal area or really any town that has a faulty sewage system, you may face flooding. In this kit, include all basic necessities, including adequate food, medical supplies, drinking water, prescription meds and enough supplies for your pets. You should also include torches, batteries, a functional backup battery for your UPS, excess fuel for your generators etc.

9. Furniture care

Furniture and wooden finishes including cub boards and railings can get musty or even damage due to fungus or termite infest. Put camphor balls, Neem leaves or cloves in the cupboards and closets to protect inside clothes and other valuable items from dampness.Make sure you clean them often with dry clothes or vacuum throughout the wet season.

10. Take care of important documents

Rain water may seep in through an open window and damage several of your essentials, such as passports, ID cards or property or bank-related documents. Take that bit of extra care to make sure that they are completely safe, and if possible, kept in waterproof zip-lock bags to protect from moisture damage.

11. Insect prevention

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Keep an eye on insects during monsoon. It’s not just flies and mosquitoes, but termites or even ants can cause damage to buildings. Adhere to some natural ways to get rid of them than using chemicals. A professional can help you.

12. Drainage blockage

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Make sure that the drainage in the house or apartments checked in regular intervals to avoid any blocks or over flows.

13. Moist free interiors

Sunlight is minimal during monsoon, so replace heavy summer drapes with lacy translucent curtains to get as much sunlight as you can. Moist inside the houses, not only creates bad odor, but can spoil your walls, wall hangings and furniture.

14. Take care of your family health

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Illnesses are often at their peak during the monsoons. Hence, it is imperative that you take adequate care of yourself and your family members in terms of health. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water to stay healthy. Also, make it a habit to carry a small towel and some hand sanitiser to prevent any infections.



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