How to Get Rid of Gnats & Fruit Flies at Home

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Despite being extremely small in size, gnats and fruit flies can become a huge nuisance if they are left to dwell in households and gardens. Gnats and fruit flies become even bigger problems once they start breeding.

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Before you start applying any of the methods suggested below, it is important to understand where these fruit flies and gnats are coming from. The most effective way of getting rid of these insects is to apply the methods near the source.
For example, if you are dealing with drain flies then you would want to make sure you are using methods that can be applied to the drain where the gnats are coming from.

Hometriangle Experts suggested some tricks and methods below, However won’t guarantee 100% success for everyone. Some will have more success than others, depending on the severity and complexity of the situation. These methods, however, are still worth trying before you call in the Pest Control Service professionals.

1. Buy a Gnat Trap

The easiest and most convenient of way of getting rid of gnats is by purchasing a reputable gnat trap. We highly recommend trying out the Gnat Stix for this purpose.

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2. Vinegar Trap

For this method, you will need some apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap, water, and a container. In the container, mix two tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of soap, and 1 litre of water. Mix it well then place the container around the area where you see the most gnats.

3. Pouring Bleach into Sink

If you are dealing with drain flies then this is something that may help with reducing the problem. Sometimes, pouring bleach won’t necessarily eradicate the problem because the gnats may be breeding deep within the drainage system.
When you use this method, do not straight up pour bleach into the sink. You want to dilute it a bit with a bit of water first. 

4. Rotten Fruit Trick

Similar to the vinegar trap, stick a rotten or overripe fruit into a container, put a plastic around the container, pinch a few holes into the plastic, then watch as the gnats fly into the trap.

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