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Having enough storage room at home is basic, to keep your home from looking cluttered and messy.

Having enough storage room at home is basic, to keep your home from looking cluttered and messy.

House Tour 1 : This home packs in plenty of storage - and still looks good!

Maximize your roof space with a tall redid show rack finish with steps to achieve the highest racks. Arrange the height of the fenced-in areas to store particular things for a neater wrap-up.

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A long customised cantilevered console makes the living room look longer and stores AV clutter as well.

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A flawless wall of cubbyholes for shoes and show things disguise the way to the family shelter.

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Racks of garments are flawlessly arranged along with the dividers of the stroll-in closet while smaller accessories are concealed in custom-fabricated capacity units, for example, the island cabinet. The high shelves are utilized for stowing without end things that are not regularly utilized.

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House Tour 2 : Smart storage solutions in a Scandi-style home 

This four-bedroom condo was given a Scandinavian makeover and made as uncluttered as possible with plenty of storage solutions for the family of three. It was also done up at the reasonable cost

The designers kept the first white tiles of the space and coordinated it with white painted dividers. The stark white was then mollified by a solid screed highlight divider and emphasized by light-wood pieces. The altered TV comfort was additionally lifted high off the ground by the black legs to keep the floor uncluttered and clean.

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The dining room was kept simple too, with grey and white chairs to match the colour palette of the rest of the home. Rather than letting the dining room wall go to waste, the designers painted it a light, soothing green to bring some colour into the space. Four display boxes help give the home character as well. The wall-mounted shoe cabinet at the home's entrance completed the design of the dining room.

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To combat the small space of the child's bedroom, the designers built a tall platform to house the child's mattress and provide plenty of storage options for him. In addition to that, a pull-out desk was built into the platform and used as a study table. 

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The master bedroom was kept cosy with a wood-framed bay window seat. To keep the space as uncluttered as possible, wall-mounted ledges served as a nightstand for the husband and wife.

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Because of the small footprint of the home, the owners were left with little space for a study table. So instead of purchasing a free-standing desk, the designers decided to build a simple desk at the entrance of the ensuite bathroom. He also surrounded it with suspended cabinetry. To avoid overcrowding the space, the designers opted for flushed, push-to-open cabinet doors clad in white laminate. To break the monotony of the cabinets, display shelves were built into the cabinetry as well.

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House Tour 3: Plenty of storage compartments and neutral colours

The ground floor is anchored by a relaxed-looking living room, which flows seamlessly into the open-plan, custom-made dining area and kitchen.

Previously a small bedroom with a double-height ceiling, the fourth floor is now divided into two cosy floors. The designer took a risk by knocking through one of the walls and uncovered a hidden void (currently occupied by the stairway) that can be turned into usable space.

A resort-like ambience is created for the washroom attached to the master bedroom suite by cladding it in calming colours.

This newly uncovered space now functions as a private study and leads the way up nicely to the couple's private hideaway.

Source: homeanddecor



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