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Ajwain contains thymol, it stimulates your stomach to release gastric juices that not only maintain the pH level of the stomach but also boost digestion.

Ajwain is a common home remedy to treat stomach ache and acidity. Ajwain contains thymol, a compound that stimulates your stomach to release gastric juices that not only maintain the pH level of the stomach but also boosts digestion. But did you know there are different ways you can use ajwain to treat most of your common stomach problems?

1. Chew ajwain seeds

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jeera seeds
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It is one of the easiest things to do when you have a stomach ache from the accumulated gases or have acidity. Just chew a spoonful of ajwain seeds to release all the juices and drink a cup of warm water over it. You should feel better in a few minutes.

2. Ajwain water

ajwain water
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Boil a teaspoon of ajwain seeds in a glass of water and reduce it to half. Strain the water and drink it when you are feeling bloated or acidic.

3. Ajwain and betel leaf

betel leaf
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Wrap a few ajwain seeds in a betel leaf and place it on the back of your mouth. Suck on it and swallow the juices as long as you can. Betel leaves too are known to improve digestion as the stimulate the salivary glands to release enzymes that boost metabolism.

4. Ajwain heat pack

heat pack
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Dry roast a cup of ajwain till the seeds are toasted and have changed their colour. Transfer the hot seeds in a muslin or a cotton cloth and tie a pouch or a potli. Place this hot potli on your stomach or the area where it is hurting because of gas. Make sure the pouch is not extremely hot.

5. Ajwain Kadha

ajwain kadha
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Crush a piece of ginger and some ajwain seeds together in a pot. Add a glass of water to it and boil till it is reduced to half. Drink while warm. Ginger too is known to help in digestion and relieves gas pains.

Carom seeds are better known for the aroma and taste they impart to dishes. However, it may be termed as a wonder herb because of its immense medicinal properties.  It gives instant relief from stomach-related issues like pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea, belching, etc., and improves digestion.  Stomach apart, the list of health benefits of carom seeds seems endless.

Carom seeds (ajwain) store wealth of health :

1. Carom seeds are good for curing tooth ache, treating bad breath and preventing tooth decay.

2. It also treats skin-related issues like itching, eczema, and boils. Just wash the affected area with boiled carom seeds water. It also removes swelling and treats pimples.

3. Carom seeds or ajwain is one of the simplest ways to treat menstrual problems like irregular or excessive bleeding and menstrual cramps. 

4. This herb treats the problems of cold, flu and viral fever, very common in monsoon and during weather change. Drink carom seeds’ water for relief.

5. Carom seeds are considered good for treating stomach, ear and joint pains, and even migraine. For ear pain, take 1 teaspoon garlic, 2 teaspoons of carom seeds and heat it in sesame oil, and when it cools down put some drops in the ear. It also aids in curing deafness.

6. It is also used in treating arthritis pain. Just massage carom seeds or ajwain oil to get relief. For joint pains, mix cumin, fenugreek and carom seeds, shatavari and make a fine powder. Take ½ teaspoon every morning.

7. It also gives relief from the asthma symptoms, and is helpful in treating bronchitis. You can consume it daily with warm water or with jaggery

8. Cleanses body and flushes out toxins, purifies blood and improves blood flow. This reduces the risk of many skin and other diseases. 

9. It is a natural insecticide and a mosquito repellent. Just add grounded carom seeds and mix with mustard oil and apply. 

10. Helps nursing moms as it increases breast milk. For this drink fennel and carom seeds water.  It also treats frequent urination and bedwetting. 

11. It also stops premature greying of hair. Take 2-3 curry leaves, 2 dry grapes, 1 pinch carom seeds and add sugar to taste. Mix all in a cup of water and boil, drink one cup daily.

12. It also treats and controls diabetes.  Take a cup of milk and add 1 teaspoon of dry neem leaves’ powder, ½ teaspoon of cumin and carom seeds powder. Mix well, and consume daily for a month. It is considered good for heart health also.

13. Carom seeds are a natural way to treat piles. Add carom seeds powder and rock salt to buttermilk , and drink after lunch/dinner for minimising the condition. 

14. It also helps in the treatment of paralysis, calculus, menorrhagia, urticaria, colic and flatulence.

15. Stops craving for alcohol. 

A note of caution - those suffering from liver diseases should avoid this herb.



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