Empowering Actions Against Plastic

The material plastic, without which we cannot imagine our life to be complete. The versatile, relatively inexpensive material is tremendously harmful for any living being. There has been many debates, lectures, seminars, etc., to create awareness among people notifying the causes of using plastic. The widespread use of plastic is causing unprecedented environmental problems and harbour serious health risks. Usually, plastics take a long time to decompose which ends up degrading the ocean and landscape. The fishes and other water bodies feed on these opening doors to our food chain. Although we are extremely entangled in the vicious circle of using plastic that is starting from toothbrushes, eyeglasses, clothes, utensils, phones, computers and more, however there are few initiatives that we could take and reduce the plastic usage. 

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Use glass bottles instead of plastic ones at home:
We often tend to use plastic bottles for drinking water at home fearing that glass bottles might break if careless. Even the plastic packaged drinking water bottles are made out of thin plastic which in turn is more harmful than thick plastic. Keeping plastic bottles filled with water for days can cause cancer. We all are aware of this fact but somehow we fail to practice it on a regular basis. Make use of the glass bottles at home and avoid plastic ones. 

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Carry your own belongings while leaving from home
Make sure that you take a cloth bag, a tote or a jute bag before leaving the house. You wouldn’t want to take a plastic bag from the shopkeeper when you buy vegetables, as the plastic quality is very unhygienic. Even in stores while buying clothing, each brand has changed to paper bags and jute bags instead of plastic. However, the charge for each paper bag or cloth is expensive relatively than plastic. Avoid any nylon or other synthetic packaging because that might cause degrading health hazards. So, it is more easier on your part to carry your own bag along to avoid spend an extra buck for a new bag. If at all you do not have any bag at home, then you might choose to buy once and implement using it the next time onwards. In markets, if you are not carrying a bag then go ahead and collect a carton box where usually fruits and vegetables are kept. This is not at all a shame or rather what people would think, it is completely fine as it is a positive step towards a better future. It might happen that people would look at you, however some would be inspired and do the same too. This way you would lend a hand at an empowering change for tomorrow. 

Use recyclable products instead of disposable ones
Use products which are resealable and reusable, this is useful because once you are done using the product it can be reused for some other purpose. In this case, you will never have to worry about disposing plastics as you can keep reusing what you buy. Using any alternative for plastic is much more reliable and helpful for the environment. So, when you are buying packaged products, make sure to see the recycle symbol before buying. Even food items which come in plastic containers or packaging which are thicker than the harmful plastic material and the ones that have resealable options are more useful and friendly to the environment.

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Use more of glass vessels
Avoid plastic, use glass jars and bowls to store food in the fridge. Already there’s bacteria that forms when food items are kept in the fridge, on top of that if plastic or melamine then it is more harmful to consume. Even while keeping vegetables in the fridge, use zip pouch kind of materials to refrain from it forming fungus. While eating food, use glass plates instead of plastic or other forms of plastic for a healthy living.
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Implement new ideas to avoid packaged items
Find out new ways to make toothpaste, curd soap, shower gels, baking soda for cleaning purposes, essential hair oils, salt, citric acid and more to avoid buying plastic packaged products. I agree it would not be easy or sufficient initially, however it can definitely be implemented and utilised so that tomorrow we can boycott plastic- as a material on the whole. 

Apart from these small initiatives, try finding out more ways on how you can avoid plastic and have a cleaner and safer society. 

If you have more ideas in mind,  post on the ‘comments’ section. 
Your empowering step towards a better tomorrow is what matters. 
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