HomeTriangle Guides: Colour Psychology And Its “Vibes” Based On Your House


Colours speak a lot and stimulate thoughts which often either sets us to soothing or distracts and depresses. According to psychology, the colour of every room in your house can have profound effect on you emotionally and behaviourally.

Colours speak a lot and stimulate thoughts which often either sets us to soothing or distracts and depresses us. According to psychology, the colour of every room in your house can have a profound effect on you emotionally and behaviourally.

However, certain colours always reflect positive vibes over certain other colours which might dismay. Choosing predominant colours, though cannot be proven yet it is believed that some colours work well than others to encourage certain activities. If you are interested to know more about colours and their effects, then here is a run-through of every room and their matched colours. 

1. Living/ Drawing Room

Mostly warm colours like red, orange, yellow or earthly colours like brown or a little darker shade of brown are best suited for the living room. It creates an effect to start conversations among people. It sets the mood for people to sit, talk and connect with people. You can even use red and orange colours in the workout room or mini-gym as these are happier colours and will encourage you to enjoy the workout. 

2. Dining room

You can apply red or lively colours as it increases the appetite of any person, and also creates a notion in the mind of the guest that you cook well. Red gives a formal look to the dining room. 

3. Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to relax and reconnect to yourself. Colours like dark shades of blue, green, lavender have a great calming effect. The darker the tincture the more powerful it will be. The red colour in the bedroom increases blood pressure and heart rate whereas lavender or blue does the opposite.
                           If your young one wants to choose the colour for their own room then, it is ok to let them choose something of their choice, as it helps to increase the bond between the family.

4. Bathroom

Soothing colours which are whites or warm colours like peach are mostly preferred. It creates a rejuvenating effect on the whole, nowadays it is not just about using the bathroom for washing up but a great place for relaxation. If you are not much of a spa person, then it doesn’t matter to paint these colours. However, you can even use dark maroon with a tint of black to get a classy effect in the bathroom.

5. Kitchen

The kitchen room should mostly be coloured red with the white or yellow combination as it lights up the feeling to cook and eat well. It emits positive vibes to recreate the cooking setup. If you are on a diet and eager to lose weight then avoid the red decor from your kitchen as it might stimulate the appetite and you may indulge in gorging food than expected. 

6. Home Office

Green is the colour that can totally be suitable for the productive zone. It is the best colour which can keep you from distraction and you can dedicate your time to work. The more you concentrate the faster you will finish work, it will get you to spend more time with family and friends. This is a soothing colour to motivate you to work.

Credit: Olivia Roy Choudhury


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