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The best gift one can give to their family is healthy lifestyle as it brings in positive vibes and a productive mind. Out of all the cumbersome stress and work pressure, keeping oneself healthy becomes quite difficult however, it is the ultimate need in a man/woman's life.

The best gift one can give to their family is healthy lifestyle as it brings in positive vibes and a productive mind. Out of all the cumbersome stress and work pressure, keeping oneself healthy becomes quite difficult however, it is the ultimate need in a man/woman's life.

Obesity is one disease that has spread widely due to a lot of junk food, unhealthy living and in the process of money-making people often forget the need to keep themselves fit. Sitting in one place for hours together, not eating when hungry( maybe caught up in a meeting), smoking and drinking on weekends, waking up late and rushing to work are few reasons that can cause fat in the body, although there are other reasons too. Some are genetically vulnerable (inherited from family) or residue for lack of sleep. Some are unaware of their excessive eating habits or they are unable to control themselves from gorging into junk food.

However, there are exceptions for people who eat more than fat people yet does not gain weight. Lack of exercise is the utmost concern to gaining fat and causing certain diseases like thyroid. Watching too much TV, intake of antidepressant drugs might be the cause of obesity as well. 

Nowadays, there are surgeries which people go through to remove fat from the body thinking it could be a quick solution. Liposuction is one of them which is a quick solution to erase obesity. However, the side effects are inappropriate and dampening to the metabolism of a human being. A human body fat fluctuates every hour of the day due to various hormones depending on the diet. Surgeries bring in hormonal changes to a body affecting negatively. Metabolism varies from person to person thereby effecting people in different ways. 
Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to burn out fat and get into shape. 
Few basic steps which will keep you away from surgery-


Eating many mini meals throughout the day is important. Dieting or reducing fat does not mean starving. Do not keep eating after the hunger is gone. However, eat immediately when hungry, do not starve as it creates gas in the body and not eating for long turns the gas into fat.


Drink plenty of water and make a habit of drinking Green tea every morning. It helps in reducing fat as well as it improves the metabolism. Although do not fill your stomach with water before going to sleep, it turns to body fat.


In a day, calorie intake should not be more than 1500 calories. Do not gorge onto street food or junk as one burger alone has too much calorie which is equal to an adult’s daily calorie intake. Avoid sugary products, excess meat, beverages like pastries ,cold drinks, etc., usually sugar or sweet contained products dis-shapes the body and even if you exercise, it will be of no use. 


Sprouts, leafy vegetables, fibre products like pulses are rich in iron and protein for the body. Have more of organic pulses, spices and vegetable as the nutrient content is intact.


Like sausages, preservatives, packaged drinking flavoured water, packed fruit juices,etc., are very high in calorie and acidic in nature. These can harm various organs in the body and cause a lot of diseases. Have a fruit instead or perhaps you could make fruit juices.


Exercise daily for 1 hour which includes walking, cardio, jogging or yoga. Meditation also helps in calming the mind and body, helps you to focus in life. Do not overtly exercise, this might create side effects like weakness, excessive menstruation, etc. Exercise three to four times a week is perfect.


For an adult 7 to 8 hours of proper sleep is a must to have a healthy mind body and soul. So sleep more, it reduces the level of stress and keeps you fresh. 
These steps will help you reduce fat and will prevent you from spending a ransom on     surgeries which would hardly last for a while.
Credit: Olivia Roy Choudhury



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