Detoxing Tips For Smokers and Non-smokers

“Smoking is injurious to health” is not just a printed slogan on the fag box, it is more than a statement which needs to be looked upon which smokers usually ignore it though. However they must be aware of the consequences and take necessary measures in order to avoid health hazards.  It is an addiction which even if people are thinking to quit, it is not easy.

However, it totally depends on the willpower and initiative to take a step towards good health. Smokers often ignore the fatal effects on the health that are not limited to cancer, also can cause blindness, diabetes, strokes, block the arteries. The nicotine inhibits the lung function causing lung infection and lung cancer, so the first step should be to quit smoking.

Few natural ways to detox the nicotine from the body and rejuvenate yourself-

1. Avoid dairy products like milk, cheese, etc while it helps in excluding the toxins from the body.

2. Drink green tea twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to sleep so as to avoid constipation. This is for those who have the habit to start their day with a cigarette, this will help in reducing the urge to smoke.

3. Ginger is the best medicine, either consumed raw, with tea or you could even mix few drops of ginger juice in water and take bath which will cause sweating resulting in excluding toxins from the body.

4. Berries are antioxidants so eat or drink various kind of berries that help in detoxing. This includes cranberry, raspberry, even pineapple is a great antioxidant that creates bacteria in the lungs to fight against the infections. This will improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

5. Chew 4 to 5 pudina leaves everyday to remove nasal cloggings. This herb is an awesome decongestant, also helps in rejuvenation. 

6. Practise yoga for half an hour daily to have a fit and healthy life.

Have more of oranges, tomatoes, spinach and carrots to trigger potassium in the body. Any vegetable with more of potassium content is good for the body as it helps to regain the normal functioning of organs like before when you never smoked.
Credit: Olivia Roy Choudhury 
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