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The excessive acid content in the body spreads bacteria and yeast infections. Here is how you find out how to know if your body is too acidic or not.

Many people are unaware of the adverse effects of acid in the body. In our daily life, eatables like dairy products, processed meat, packaged soft drinks, sugar holds a very high content of acid which we tend to neglect and gradually it succumbs to health issues. Our body needs minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium, in order to remove acid from the body the vital minerals are neglected.
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The efficiency of the bones and organs tend to reduce. The gruesome effect of acid on the body creates acidosis which ends up damaging the organs slowly. Alkaline in the body helps to reduce acid and retains the minerals in the body. It helps to neutralise the acid and increase the sodium, potassium and other mineral nutrients levels. Every body contains acid and alkaline, some higher and some lower levels, however there should be balance between both. In this blog, we will help you identify the acidic reactions to the body and ways to keep the alkaline intact.

If you have acidosis, then it is the peak point to check your pH level in the body. The pH content should be within 6.75 to 7.25 in the body that signifies the acid and the alkaline present in the body. 
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Excessive acid content in the body spreads bacteria, yeast infection and other form of diseases. 
It can cause respiratory problems, nausea, headaches, indigestion, Acidosis can cause cardiac problems like decrease in oxygen levels and clogging of blood vessels, Obesity, kidney damage, premature aging, Osteoporosis

To overcome or avoid such harmful diseases, intake of alkaline food products are necessary.
9 easy ways to reduce acid and alkaline your body:

1. Water, the Saviour

acidic body symptoms
Drinking lot of water is a good habit to keep your system clean. Normal drinking water has a pH level of 7. It hydrates the body and takes out the acidic content in the form of urine. Drinking water not only helps in acidosis but also helps to keep diseases away.

2. Veggie Delight

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For breakfast or lunch, cabbage, cauliflower, ginger, beans, pumpkin are vital vegetables alkalizing the body.It has lot of minerals which will help in alkalizing the body and keep you fresh throughout the day. Any green salad, for that matter is healthy and adds to the healthy quotient. It helps to build a strong digestive system and nourishes the body with vital nutrients. Although lemons are considered acidic, however this fruit does not contain acid and alkalize the body, so utilise the benefit of it. Onion is another vegetable that adds value to the the body and are likely suitable to increase alkaline.

3. Fruit Punch

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Fruits like apple, banana, guava, orange, grapes, watermelon, custard apple are very enticing and easily available. These fruits contain vital elements like potassium, sodium, vitamins etc. which helps against acidosis. It nourishes the body, removes acid and are alkaline in nature. This helps in reducing or maintaining weight. Other fruits are also alkaline apart from those that are mentioned here. Fruits that contribute more in fibre, vitamins and moderately sweet are useful, even fruit juices are healthy. However, avoid packaged fruit juice and mixes. Have more of smoothies and home-made fruit juices that are alkaline.

4. Secret of Salt 

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Anything that contains more of salt is unhealthy. Especially, sea vegetables, sea fish, red meat and many other products have higher salt content and cause acidic effects on the body. It is tremendously harmful and the adverse effects are like slow poison to various organs of the body. It liquidates blood, acidifies the small intestines, causes cardiovascular diseases leading to heart-attacks. Avoid excess salt intake so as to maintain the pH balance.

5. Alkalized Diet

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Plan on an alkalized diet chart and try to follow as much as possible. In your busy schedule, try eating healthy and alkaline veggies and fruits as it uproots quite a number of severe disease. Alkaline food helps to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, improves the nervous system and are a solution to prevent infectious diseases.

6. pH Balancing

If you have headache or gaining weight unnecessarily, check the pH level in the body regularly. It helps you track if you are acidic, also it will help you take necessary measures and balance your pH level. Eat and drink healthy, it will also help to reduce fat, keeping aside bacteria and other infections.

7. Exercise is a must

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Obesity or gaining weight unnecessary can be one of the reasons for the body to be acidic. So, adding exercise to your to-do list could be helpful. Everyday, 1 hour of vigorous exercise will do the trick to stay fit. You will not face any challenge in regards to health hazards.

8. Green Treat

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Having a lot of green juices or vegetables results in alkalizing the body. Drinking green tea or herbal tea is a treat to the body. Green apple, gourd, carrot, squash or raw papaya juices or having a nice green salad including lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, red bell pepper, spinach or sprouts. on the whole can be revitalising for the body. It strengthens the bones and rejuvenates the body with its mineral content.

9. Avoid Temptation

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Avoid any product which has acidic content like dairy products such as milk, cheese,butter,etc. Temptation towards chocolates is very common, however avoid excessively indulging on them. Dark chocolate can be consumed once in a while, avoid soda and alcoholic drinks as it contains high levels of acid which can damage the kidney and liver. Coffee or milk tea are acidic, so reduce or stop consuming both, it will not increase the acidic level.

At the end, these points should help in reducing the acid level and alkalize the body, keeping the pH level within limit. Let us know if these points were fruitful for you, on Facebook, Twitter.
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