Why Bedside Tables? And Getting Them Just Right!

The humble bedside table, or nightstand, is often overlooked when decorating the bedroom. You may think that you can do without that extra piece of furniture but you will come to miss it when you want to put down a book late at night, take off your watch or jewelry before a nap or merely to have a glass of water at hand for when you are unwell.

A bedside table is a simple convenience, it's an easy and small, storage cum display,for the bedroom with many plus points. So don't go without! Pick a style that matches your needs and always have personal conveniences close by through the night.

 Double Duty Dresser 

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A dresser cum bedside table

If your bedroom is actually stamp-sized and you really don't have the space for multiple pieces of furniture, use a chest of drawers as a dresser cum bedside table. It'll give you ample storage for makeup, toiletries and medicines, and a tabletop close to the bed to place a glass of water and a few good books.

 Bedside Book Rack

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 A book rack cum bedside table right beside the bed

Indulge your inner bookworm by putting a book rack cum bedside table right beside the bed, all your favorite reads will be right there for you to relax and enjoy while you lounge in bed on a lazy Sunday! 

 Think Out Of The Box

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A ladder makes for an unusual bedside table
Just because it says bedside and table doesn't mean it has to be a table! You could repurpose a ladder with wide steps that can be used as shelves by the bedside, or even an old barrel or steel drum to make a rustically individual style statement.

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A wine barrel on castors is a statement bedside table

 What's In A Shape

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A delicate round bedside table with drawers for storage

 Choose a shape that suits your room's size and shape. If you have a corner in a small room next to the bed, a purpose built triangular corner stand will make the best use of space, while in a larger room even round bedside tables are a good choice even though they waste corner space.

 Decide On Drawers

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Multiple drawers provide ample storage in this bedside table

Decide on the number and size of drawers that you require in the bedside table. Do you like separate storage for medicines and reading glasses? Plan for dedicated storage for things that will most often be kept at your bedside so that the tabletop is kept clutter free and clean.

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A drawer provides storage while a shelf is used as a display in this bedside table 

 Add Function

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A small pull out tray is convenient to perch a tea cup

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An elevated tray to pull out for break fast in bed

 A bedside table is meant to make your life easy. You can prevent spills with a bedside table top that doubles up as an elevated tray for breakfast in bed or just provide a small pull out tray for a cup of tea. It's the little touches that make your living space more comfortable.

 Different Strokes

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Bedside tables can vary in design and height too

 You don't need two identical bedside tables! This is the most common error made while decorating, buying an identical pair of bedside tables like it's a law in the design bible! If you need varying heights, or more storage to one side of the bed, feel free to get differently sized tables for your convenience, it'll be a fresh new look for your room.

 Pet Port

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A cabin for your pet in the bedroom

 This idea may seem a little out there, but pet owners will really be able to relate. If you can't bare to be separated from your pet, make a bed for your darling in your bedside table! This way you can train your pet to stay off your bed but they'll still be close by for a cuddle!

 Use the bedside tabletop to display your favorite family photograph so it'll be the first thing you see in the morning and you'll begin a fresh new day in a happy frame of mind!

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