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Eid, more commonly known as Ramadan, is a special time of year for reflection and we have some great home decor ideas for this Eid celebration.

Eid, more commonly known as Ramadan, is a special time of year for reflection and allows those who celebrate it to deepen their spirituality, self-control, and compassion for others who are less fortunate than they are. With this holiday coming only once per year, it's important to think about how one should decorate their home to get ready to celebrate all of the beauty that comes with it. 


Here are five great decorating tips that you can make note of for your own home to help you and your family get ready for Eid. 

1. Celebratory Door Hanger 

Greet all of your friends, family, and other guests with a special celebratory door hanger that you can make yourself. This is something that can be made out of ribbons and colored letters of your choice. Once it's completed, simply hang it outside the front door of your home. 

 eid mubarak decoration

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2. Falling Star Strands 

These fun decorations can be made out of colored paper of your choice, which can be cut into the shapes of either stars or crescent moons. Once the shapes have been cut out, simply put them onto strings and hang them up in various areas of your home. This is one home decor idea that your kids will definitely have fun taking part in! 

eid decorations ideas

(image: ramadanjoy)

3. Plantable Greeting Cards 

These are other fun ideas that can be used for your Eid celebration. Simply make your own seed paper into the shape of a flower and place it onto a greeting card that you create yourself, which you can then give to your guests. The seed paper can be removed and planted, which will then grow into a beautiful flower.

eid decorations 

(image: makeandtakes)

4. Eid Calendar 

This is a creative idea that can be utilized to place either Eidi for children or other types of party favors for adults. 

eid background

(image: craftionary)

5. Candle Centerpieces 

Gluing both paper roses and burlap to vases containing a candle will help to create a centerpiece that is both easy and extremely beautiful for your Eid celebration. 

eid celebration

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