HomeTriangle Guides: 7 Amazing Uses for Vinegar in your Kitchen!


You’d be surprised at just how many diverse, practical uses there are for vinegar. Here are 7 essential, versatile uses for vinegar in your kitchen.

1. Clean coffee or tea stain.

Coffee stains are as inevitable as morning's arrival. And by the end of the day , there's always a bit of coffee left over and the bottom of these coffee mugs never really look clean. A simple remedy to it would be scrubbing the effected area with mixture of salt and vinegar. The mixture also works magic in case of stinky food storage containers.

2. Clean your refrigerator.

The refrigerator is definitely a place that everyone would like to cut use of any harsh chemicals since its home to your food. Pour some vinegar onto a cleansing rag and gently scrub the area and relish the time after a grocery shopping.

3. Clean your garbage disposal.

Leaving a garbage disposal dirty can create a horrible stench. Simple remedy to the problem is the vinegar present in your kitchen cupboard. For the stench , mix about half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar and pour in. Let this sit for 10 minutes and then additional hot water down the disposal.

4. Clean your coffee or tea pot.

Pour a mixture of half vinegar and half water into the coffee and let sit for one hour to thoroughly clean and remove hard water mineral deposits.  Then turn the pot on and let the vinegar/water filter through.  Discard the hot vinegar/water, then run 3 cycles of clean water to clear all traces of vinegar out of the machine.  Your coffee will taste great!

5. Clean your oven.

Spatters and drips are inevitable. Hers's how to tackle the oven spills with easy to do cost effective home remedy. Just combine vinegar and baking soda and scrub away.

6. Clean the mineral deposits from faucets.

Fill a small plastic bag (a little Ziplock will do) with vinegar and tie it around the faucet head.  Let it sit for a few hours and then wipe clean.  You may need a little scrub brush if you’ve got particularly stubborn build-up.  This will work on shower heads too.

7. Banish uninvited sugar ants.

Spray undiluted vinegar by any doorways and windows where you believe the ants are coming in.  Also make sure to hit around your appliances and underneath sinks.

Employ the above tips for amazing outcomes. No more need for expensive cleaners to shine-up and degrease your everyday kitchen appliances and accessories. Vinegar does the trick beautifully.

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