The Different Types Of Curtains

Curtains serve a huge role in the interior design of a house. It provides the privacy needed by the homeowners, controls the incoming sunlight, and sometimes they are used to partition a room. Curtains are not only required for their functional purpose but also for the decorative aims giving the house a beautiful touch to upgrade the rooms’ appearance.
Today, trending curtains are available in different varieties, taste and style. The types include:

Window curtains 

In decorating the house, window curtains are the most considered components. They play a vital role as a decorative factor in the interior decors that boosts and finishes your theme with a pleasant touch. They also perform their useful functions such as providing privacy and controlling the sunlight. When a person speaks of renovating the house, the first thing that comes to mind is the window curtains. The window curtains reflect one's interests and personality. 

The window curtains are available in different styles such as:

Hanging curtains: whether you want to get an informal or a formal look, long curtains always do the trick. When the long curtains are properly designed, the room achieves a formal look. For a modern, tidy and crisp look hang the curtain to drop to a few centimeters above the floor. If you hang the curtains above the window, the window appears larger.

Cased heading curtains: the curtains are made with fabrics that are rarely opened and closed like the lightweight materials. For this reason, these curtains are best for rooms that are not frequently used, like the sitting room.

Box pleated curtains: these curtains give a formal, tailored, and pleated look. They are usually used for formal rooms such as the dining, lounge, and study.

Sheer curtains: the sheer fabric allows large amounts of light but provides less privacy.

Shower curtains 

The shower curtain is a vital component in the bathroom. A bathroom without curtains looks incomplete. The shower curtains protect the bathroom floor from becoming wet by the splashes of water during showers. It provides the toilet user with adequate privacy. The curtains also accessorize the bathroom with a pleasant and eloquent touch. There are all kinds of unique patterns and different fabrics that you can find so as the bathroom be a calm and relaxing room.


When it comes to choosing a curtain, it’s advisable to know your options. Pick a curtain according to its functional or decorative purpose. For amazing interior decorations, choose trending curtains that suit your taste and style.

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