9 Clever Ways to Organize With a Towel Bar

Towel bars can be used for more than hanging towels in the bathroom. These innovative ideas turn an inexpensive household staple into the answer to your organizational dilemmas.


Hanging Fruit Basket

If you don't have the counter space for a fruit bowl or basket, try hanging one. Try attaching a towel bar to the side of your island or end of the cabinets. You can hang a wire or weaved basket with a handle on the towel bar. This is also helpful if you have small children that you want to eat more fruit. Hanging it at their eye level will give them the independence of choosing their own piece of fruit. You can also hang decorative plants to make it look prettier.

Lid Holder

Mount a towel rack on the inside of a cabinet, along the wall. You can then stand pot and pan lids up between the cabinet wall and the towel rack.


Corner Command Center

Hang one or two towel bars in the entryway where the kids can reach them. Place hooks on the racks and you can hang things like backpacks and coats during the school year. In the summer, you can hang a beach bag with sand toys and beach towels or small bags with outdoor games and activities to take outside and play.

Tool Shed Organizer

Mount a couple towel bars on the back of the shed door or on the wall. Place hooks on the rack and you can hang small tools, shovels, hoses, and more giving you fast, easy access to small items.


Laundry Helper

Flip a towel rack upside down and mount underneath a cabinet or shelf in the laundry room. Hangers will be within reach. If there is nothing underneath, you can even hang delicates to dry here. If the towel rack is thin enough, you can also hang spray bottles of stain remover and other laundry related cleaning items.


Kitchen Hooks

You can mount a towel rack on a kitchen wall, place some hooks on it and hang oversized utensils.Hang small baskets over the rack to hold kitchen linens, sponges and other small kitchen items.


Wrapping Station

Hang a towel bar on the inside of a closet door and hang wrapping paper from hooks. This will avoid wrapping paper from getting crushed and ruined in the closet. You can also hang small baskets filled with tape, scissors, bows and other wrapping necessities.

Paint Collection

Hang a few towel bars on a wall in your craft room or office. Or, on the inside of a cabinet. Mount a dowel below each towel bar and you have a paint bottle holder. This would work for some nail polish bottles as well, depending on the shape and size.

Craft Canisters

Mount one or several towel bars in your craft room or office. Hang different size baskets and bins and you will have a place to store markers, paint brushes, ribbons, yarn, glue, pretty much any craft supply. You can add a little hanging plant, or wrap some artificial vines or decorative contact paper on the bar for to give it some style.


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