Hidden Places for Germs in Your Home

Many people realize that keeping a clean home is important they will be surprised to learn where germs and other bacterial hide in the home.


Doorknobs and Handles

These areas are used often and collect germs at a very high rate. Be sure to clean them at least once a week since they are touched often.


Light Switches

Over time they can begin to look dirty and are a great place for collecting bacteria. Many people forget about light switches when they can so add them to the cleaning list.



People often forget to clean their cell phone. As they travel with the phone the phone picks up germs and bacteria. Be sure to wipe down the phone and allow it time to dry before use.


Purses and Handbags

These bags often come in contact with floors making them a magnet for bacteria. Be sure to wipe these items down at least monthly to kill germs and bacteria.


Electronic Devices

Laptops, tablets, remotes, and other devices are touched by many people and gather germs. Be sure to gently clean them at least weekly.


Keeping up with these items will help reduce the building of germs in the home. Be sure to wipe them down often to help reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone in the home healthy.


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