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A timepiece is essential in most homes, while putting up any boring old clock will do the job, why not include it in the interior decor and make it a conversation piece.

A timepiece is essential in most homes, whether to time howlong a dish cooks in the kitchen, to tell the time when a favorite soap startson tele in the lounge or when to expect the kids back home. Putting up anyboring old clock will do the job, but why not include it in the interior decorand make it a conversation piece. 

These ideas are easy and adaptable but off beat enough to giveyour style quotient a fillip. 

Quirky Moments

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A modern interpretation of the grandfather clock fordecor 

 Frame the clock with a painted motif. In this case the motifof a grandfather clock is interpreted in a modern way with bright colors andpainted repetitively as a decor element in the room, with a clock placedagainst just one of the silhouettes as a highlight. Concentric circles painteddifferent shades of the same color, with a clock at the centre, would be asubtle way to decorate a more subdued room.

 Stuck On 

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A modern polka dot decal frames a steel faced clock

Use a decal to emphasize a clock by placing it around theclock. Together they will act as budget friendly modern wall art and the decalwill bring focus to the wall clock. Besides this is the ultimate flexible decoroption, you can change the decal when the mood strikes you and replace it withsomething completely different for a whole new look.


Multiply Time

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Antique clocks in a rustic living room

Use multiple clocks as the main decor accent in a room. Manyantique clocks placed at various heights, from floor to ceiling, draw the eyeand dress up a rustic living room above. A collection of brightly coloredcuckoo clocks are oh so cute for a nursery.

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Colorful cuckoo clocks in a nursery

Big Is Beautiful

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Large clocks for contemporary chic decor

A really large clock can be the focal point in a room.Placed behind a lounge, a large clock does double duty as art. The color andtheme of the room can be built around the clock, as shown in the chic decor ofthe contemporary living room above.

 Time Window 

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Convert a window into statement clock! This idea envisionsthe window itself is the face of the clock, while the hands move through theday, the clock shaped shadow moves too. If you have a round window in thestairs, on a mezzanine or under a sloping roof, this is a perfect spot for aclock window.

Time Out

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You can even decorate the outdoors with a clock! Place aclock in the patio or sit-out outdoors to let you know when it's time to stopdaydreaming and get going.

 DIY Time

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A bright green lemon motif clock offsets a monotonekitchen

As a DIY project, paint an accurate clock on any verticalsurface, you can choose the kitchen backsplash area or the wall above a desk.Use the clock mechanism from a cheap or old clock at the centre or buy aninexpensive quartz clock movement online, attach it to the wall to make it afunctional clock with an individual touch 

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A clock painted over a study desk

 Telling time will never be boring again if you implementthese ideas for your home!



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