Carpet Ideas For Stairs And Landings

When it comes to home decor, area that are often ignored are stairs and landings. They often don't get as much attention as other areas of a home do. However, these particular areas can be just as beautifully decorated as any other area, and it all starts with a great-looking carpet.

What Kind of Carpet Should You Choose?

Stairs and landings are areas that get used rather frequently, which makes sense that you should use a carpet that is as hard-wearing as possible. Consider using a practical carpet that is both well-made and has a tough underlay, as this will give it more life and wear.


It's also a great idea to keep your budget in mind as well; however, also remember that carpet is an investment, because the better the quality, the longer it will last. 


Patterned or Plain?

You will be able to make the right choice in terms of carpet design based on the overall style of your home itself and the kind of decor that you have. There are some who prefer a striped carpet design in order to allow the stripes to run up the stairs, which can add a sense of quirkiness. However, there are also some who prefer a more plain design, as this fits their more simple-type of taste that they may prefer.


Light or Dark?

Color is also something to keep in mind as well when it comes to carpet for stairs and landings, especially since these areas will see a great deal of foot traffic. If you choose to go with a lighter color, consider going for something that is stain resistant, meaning that if you accidentally spill something on it, the carpet won't suffer any kind of damage as a result. On the other hand, if you choose to ban shoes from being worn upstairs, you won't need to consider going with a darker carpet if you choose not to. All in all, the color you choose for your carpet depends on your personal preference.


Going to the Edges

There are some homes in which the carpet on stairs does not go all the way to the edge of each and every stair. This is where you would normally see the normal section of each stair painted a certain color depending on what the certain decor in the home is. This is normally what happens whenever the banisters are directly mounted to the stairs themselves instead of any kind of a raised section. This is where a striped carpet design will look great, especially if the colors are complementary in nature.


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