5 steps to a sophisticated bathroom, no matter what your budget

A bathroom is a generally understand room in any home. You don't think about it much, so you don't even register just how drab your white washed bathroom really is! Even when you do, for some reason or another, take notice of your winter not-so-wonderland white bathroom you chose to ignore it. After all, you can't beautify a bathroom on a budget ...Right? Wrong! You can, and here are five easy steps to do just that.

Surprise! It's Unexpected Pieces

When you set up a bathroom what you usually focus on is function. You throw in the bare essentials and leave the room be, but when you think of the high end bathrooms you may remember seeing a few different unnecessary things. Try adding a fancy chair. Ornate stools tucked under the sinks (while still in view). Place a small fake plant on the counter or off to the side, maybe even a real plant if you have a green thumb. The surprise pops of color will draw the eye and bring life to the room.

Walls, Walls, Walls

Forget the white washed wall! After awhile it's just boring! Throw up some cheap paint, discounted tile, even wall paper if you feeling daring. Find a style thats in your budget and make your bathroom colorful! Don't be afraid to go bold! (Darks like gray and black, along with metallics, are very "in" right now.)

The Taps Are Running

Unusual or Unique sink basins or tap ware isn't exactly hard to come by. Most, however, avoid looking into it because something that 'out there' must cost a pretty penny! You'd be surprised at just how cheap you can get the stuff! Guests in you bathroom will be startled by you obviously luxurious sink. Don't worry, I won't tell them just how cheap you got it if you don't.


Let There Be (Luxurious) Light

A line of bland bulb really isn't going to do anything for your bathrooms aesthetic. Go to your local flee market to pick up something different and exciting! Or, if you crafty, fashion your own out of things like jars or metal wire. Fun and a statement piece.

Accessorized Toiletries 

Tooth and hair brushes just out on the counter? Toilet paper rolls sitting on the tank of your toilet? A generally unpleasantness when it comes to your toiletries? Why not spruce them up? Place them on a fancy dish, or get a ornate toilet roll holder. The small things really bring the whole picture together.


Hire a professional for your  Bathroom Renovation Service, which will help you to plan your bathroom in your budget.


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