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By following a few rules of your own and making a few small tweaks to both routines, you can turn chores into a task that they'll accept.

Getting your kids to do chores can be an epic pain as well as a bit of a chore in itself, but it really doesn't have to be. By following a few rules of your own and making a few small tweaks to both yours and your kid's routines you can turn chores into a task that they accept and not a responsibility that they dread.

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Practice Makes Perfect

The younger your kids start performing chores, the better. Begin teaching them the importance of doing chores regularly as soon as possible. Begin by having your really little ones do chores with you until they eventually reach a point where they can do it on their own. Building this good habit in their formative years is the best way to make sure that it'll stick with them for the rest of their lives.

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We all know the frustration of being expected to do something without knowing how to do it. Progress is slow, less effort is put forth and you ultimately learn to hate the experience. Help your kids avoid this by making sure they have a thorough understanding of your expectations, how to meet them and how to address problems that they may run into.

Remove Obstacles 

Try to put forethought into your kid's chores. Set out cleaners or tools they may need for the job, write out out specific instructions if they a working without supervision, and try to take care of the parts of a chore that they simply physically can not do on their own.


A consistent work schedule will teach your kids that there is a time and a place for everything. Developing a daily routine of work that comes before play can definitely help that fact sink in a little deeper. But scheduling isn't just about the "whens" of their chores, but also the "who's." There are always those jobs that your kids may detest to do, and may cause them to fight over who does it. Take it upon yourself to keep the peace and assign specific chores to specific children in a fair and regular rotation.

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Jobs With Benefits 

It is perfectly understandable to not want to give your child the expectation of getting payment for something that they have to do, but on the other hand one of the best life lessons for them to learn is that hard work has rewards. Finding a happy medium will take time but also keep in mind that the payoff doesn't have to come in the form of a treat or allowance that you give them. Also try the approach of teaching them about other payoffs such as time management. Even simply showing gratitude and making them aware that they have helped you can be seen as a perk that makes them feel that their effort was worth it.



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