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Mirrors are functional in the bathroom when placed properly. Mirrors can make a small room look more spacious and reflect light to make a room look brighter.

Every bathroom needs a mirror. You need a mirror to do your hair, shave your face and apply make-up. But mirrors are more than functional in the bathroom. When placed strategically, mirrors can make a small room look more spacious, add decor and reflect light to make a room look brighter.

The wonderful thing about decorating with mirrors is that, while almost anything goes, there is a right way and a wrong way to create a desired look.

Creating a feeling of space



1. A mirror can make a small bathroom seem larger. It creates the illusion of space and will make the room appear larger, so it won't seem so cramped.

2. If you have an accent wall, you can hang the mirror across from that. Hang the mirror near or across from lights to brighten the room.

3. A mirror near or across from a window will create extra light and brightness.

4. Instead of one large mirror, try a grouping of smaller ones for a special effect.

5. Remember that when you hang mirrors, you want them to reflect something bright and beautiful, not cluttered shelves or the back of the bathroom door, where you hang your clothes. 

To add style to a bathroom, the right mirror can make all the difference.

twin mirrors


1. Use a floor mirror as the focal point in a large bathroom. Functional and beautiful, they also serve a much needed purpose. These standing mirrors can make a bold focal point for your bathroom. They are also handy for those who are getting dressed for school or work.

2. If you have vintage or antique looking faucets, drawer pulls or vanity globes, add an old (or old looking) stand-alone mirror to the corner of a room for instant beauty. Opt for a newer, contemporary style if your bathroom is modern. That way it looks like it belongs there.

3. Frame a mirror in an ornate vintage frame or something bold, like art-deco style for an instant statement piece.

To frame or not to frame

mirror and space


Beveled mirrors don't need frames, as the beveled edge creates its own frame. These mirrors can look beautiful on their own. An unframed mirror without beveled edges, however, can make a bathroom feel unfinished and frankly, it's just not that attractive. Frames are not expensive and can be purchased new or used in a variety of finishes to fit any bathroom.
What to avoid
You want to avoid hanging mirrors willy-nilly throughout your bathroom. It will simply not do anything good for the atmosphere or feel of the room. Do not place mirrors on the ceiling unless you intend to keep your entire bathroom spotless at all times. Mirrors on the ceiling will show you every upside down inch of your bathroom, including the corners, behind the toilet, the litter box if you have one...etc.



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