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Flooring is one of the most under-appreciated features in a room, and if you are looking for the best options, then this is for you!

Flooring is one of the most under appreciated features in a room,but it's also one of the most important - it's the one your in contact with the most after all! It's a huge decision, you absolutely have to pick the right flooring material to not only tie a room together but make it as comfortable as possible to you. It absolutely has to be appropriate, particle, and look great based on the room. You need to think about the cost and traffic that will be coming through the room before choosing between your four options: Carpets, Floorboards, Tiles and Cement.

Carpets are soft underfoot and provide a great warm padding for each step. It's comes it a multitude of styles and prices and generally is the best for rooms where you find yourself barefooted - such as bedrooms or living areas.


Wooden flooring is a great traditional option: it can be installed directly over any hard surface. It's beautiful, elegant, and a classic. The sown side is it can become scratched, and is cold under feet. It's a statement but also needs quite a bit of upkeep if the floor isn't pretreated.


Tiles are probably the most versatile flooring here. It's beautiful and truly lovely to look at. It looks classy and professional. They can be extreme beautiful but almost possible to repair when they become damaged, meaning any accidents need you to replace them. Their very cold on the feet and are definitely considered a the opposite of a budget flooring material. The lovely nature of the flooring, however, makes it worth it.



Concrete is a sleek and modern options. Common in garages but great in homes and patios when polished. Specialist can create truly stunning floor with mixtures of coloring agents and cement. It's tough a durable and can often with stand the test of time. It might need refinishing years in the future, but will never need to be replaced. It's definitely cold under foot, but it's worth it for this unique look.




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