Create a home office in a small space

Having a home office is a key to productivity at home. Most of us, however, do not have a lot of extra room at home. How can you make a home office with very little space available? The key is to focus on the basics:

Minimum Viable Office

Entrepreneurs use the phrase "minimum viable product" to describe the simplest version of a commercial product that is still useful. If you are setting up a home office for the first time, you should focus on creating a minimum viable office - the most basic office set up that is adequate to help you get your work done.

At its most basic, an office consists of a horizontal writing surface and a seat. If you have a small portion of a counter, table, or desk, you can have an office.


The Next Level

There are a few simple items that will help make your office even nicer:

1. A shelf or cabinet

2. A drawer or bin

3. A garbage can

These three items have incredible utility for an office, but take up very little space. See if you can add them to your mini office without creating additional clutter.


Make it Work

Start using your mini office as soon as possible, so you can identify changes that need to be made. Common livability issues usability issues include lighting and decoration. For example, you might need to get a lamp or alter existing lighting, so that your work surface is usable.



Everyone should have a home office. It does not have to be a room with a shutting door. It does not even have to be a freestanding table or desk. Your little office will be an island the productivity inside your home.


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