5 Proven Tips to Get Rid of Mice Quickly and Keep Them Away

Pest control is essential to get rid of those rodent problems and keep your home safe. Here are 5 proven tips to get rid of mice quickly and keep them away.



Mousetraps are still the number one way to quickly dispose of the pesky rodent. The spring trap variety is great. However, it is a good idea to bait the trap with a bit of peanut butter of smelly cheese.

Use spring trap

Seal Entry Points

The mice are looking for food and shelter. They entered the house at some entry point. Search for those entry points and seal them up with caulk, steel wool, or cement. The mice cannot eat through those objects.

Seal the entry point


Mice are attracted to food smells. Remember, they are looking for food and water. Don't leave garbage out in the open. Take trash and garbage outside of the house and store in trash cans.

Take trash and garbage outside of the house



Cover Food

A lot of people leave food out in the open in the kitchen. For example, apples and other fruits displayed on a counter attract the rodent and make pest control extremely difficult. Cover up cereal boxes or place them in airtight containers. Place all boxes in the cupboards. Don't leave any food out on the tables or countertops.

Don't  leave food out on the table or countertops

Cut Back Shrubs

Good pest control begins with cutting back tree branches and shrubs make it easy for a rodent to gain entry to the home. Keep your home safe. They can hide in the branches of a tree or shrub, move along the branches and get closer to your home to gain access.
Use the tips included here for perfect rodent and pest control to keep your home free and safe of infestation.


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