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Considering hardwood floors for your home? Explore the advantages and drawbacks to make an informed decision about this elegant flooring option.

Hardwood floors are verydurable additions to any house, giving the entire home a classic appearance.However, Hardwood floors can be very hard to install and maintain. If you arechoosing to mount these type of floors in your residence, you would have to makesome decisions which would include the specie of wood to use, and the style ofinstallation that would be suitable for the intended purpose.

Although Hardwood floors havebeen known to bar flood and fire accidents, not knowing the characteristics ofthe species of wood used in Hardwood flooring as it relates planned use for itwould create problems in the long run.  

hardwood floor

Species of Hardwood for Hardwood Flooring   

The American Cherry which is found in the eastern parts of the US is an averagely densewood with a fine texture. However, markings and scratches are easily obvious onit which makes it not ideal for use for domestic use (it would be perfect foras a private office floor). Its hardness

The American Walnut is found both in eastern US and in the American Midwest. Unlike otherspecies of hardwood, light does not any effect on its colour, but it lightenswith time. It is moderately dense, its hardness being rated at 1010.

The Brazilian Cherry, one of the hardest woods, has a coarse texture and its colour iseasily affected by light exposure. It is a very dense wood, consequently makingit one of the most durable types for hard floors. It is rated at 2350 forhardness. 

Oak is oneof the most commonly used wood for Hardwood flooring, especially the Red oak isdense and durable as marks and scratches are not obvious. It comes in a varietyof colours, giving you many options. It is suitable for home use.

  hardwood floor


Also, you would need toconsider the type of installation that would be suitable for the desiredappearance that you are gunning for. The three basic installation types are:

  • Strips: these are small andboards cut in varying lengths.
  • Planks: these are broadboards of random width and length sizes.
  • Wood tile: hard wood isfinely cut and placed geometrically side by side in a Parquet style.

hardwood floor being installed


Hardwood flooring pros

  • Hardwood flooring comes witha vintage appearance that has that exotic appeal. It has a warm appeal andfeels good under your feet.
  • Easy to match with furnitureto give your entire space emotions.
  • Hardwood floors are perfectinsulators
  • Easy to clean

Hardwood flooring Cons

  • Hardwood flooring can be veryexpensive to purchase and install.
  • If you are looking for atranquil and peaceful environment, then you might have issues with Hardwoodflooring as it causes a lot noise when walking across it.
  • Refinishing hard floors arequite difficult because of their hardness.

 hardwood floor

Although Hardwood flooring is costly, it is a very valuable asset to you as it last centuries if maintained properly. It adds more value to your home in all regards, especially financially. It is widely known that houses with Hardwood floors are easier to sell.



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