HomeTriangle Guides: Easy Cleaning and Organizing Tips to Keep Your Home Organized


In home organization, give every item a place. Take time to collect important items to store. Also, have a space for flashlights, knives, scissors, pads, etc.

The first, easiest and best advice in home organization is give every item a place and always return said item to its place. Commonly used items like knives, scissors, pads, newspapers, mail  and pens left wherever they land quickly leads to disorder on counters and tables. Take the time to set up places to collect important items to store and to find easily at a later time. This includes baskets, organizers or drawers for for above items. Also have a space for flashlights, batteries, matches and candles that can easily be found if there is a power outage.

organized home office
Organized Home Office


Have designated piles for needed mail, such as bills and magazines. Don't be afraid to toss junk mail or advertisements immediately into the trash. If you haven't used them before, you won't now. Attend to the bills as soon as possible to be rid of that pile. The same goes for magazines. Don't save them. Recycle or toss them, unless there is something you must save, then tear and save. Have a dedicated file for items that you save such as articles and other non essential reference materials. Once you get in the habit of tossing unnecessary items right away, it will become easier.

Mail, bills, and magazines stacked neatly
Designated piles for needed mail, such as bill and magazines

Make sure you also have bins or cases for work items and children's school items. Everything should be in its place the night before it's needed so mornings are a breeze. Lunches can be made the day before and simply pulled from the refrigerator in the morning along with backpacks and briefcases to be out the door stress free.

Children's school items neatly arranged in a cabinet
Children's school items should be in its place

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