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Water leakages can damages your house structure and paint finishes. Moisture in the walls also leads to growth of unhealthy mould and fungus.

Along with the water your money is also flowing down the drain!

leaking pipe

Money flows out
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Water leaks are common in almost every house. You may not notice a leak till it turns into a flood, but your faucets or valves may have slight leaks, which if left unchecked add up to gallons and gallons in the long run. Not only is this an avoidable wastage of water, water leakages can damages your house structure and paint finishes. Moisture in the walls also leads to growth of unhealthy mould and fungus. 

Watch out for these leaks and seepage problems and hire a plumber from HomeTriangle.com to fix them ASAP.

Bathroom Leaks

WC -To test if you have a leak in the bathroom WC, put several drops of food coloring in the tank. If you see that food coloring enter your toilet bowl, then you have a leak. 

Shower - Water can also seep out from below a shower stall frame. You can caulk the frame on the inside and replace the beading along the floor where the door meets it. 

Tile Grout - Tile leaks can also be very damaging and involve heavy repair. They occur when water seeps through the grout and seeps into the wall behind the tile. This can cause the tiles to fall off, rotting of the wall and the ceiling below. 

Toilet flange - Leaks occur where the toilet meets the waste pipe beneath. They cause water to seep out at every flush. This can wreck the flooring and damage the ceiling below.

Sink - The rim of your sink can also develop a leakage and allow water to seep under the rim or the base of the tap. This water can destroy the cabinets and countertops under it. 

Drains - Then there are drain leaks that occur at the drain and slip joints in the drain pipe. Seeping behind bottles, boxes and other knickknacks, these leaks can go unnoticed for a long time while they damage your flooring, cabinets and the ceilings below.

seepage damaged wall

Seepage damaged wall
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Leaking Washing Machine

The average Indian household does more than 150 loads of laundry per year. Inspect the hose of your washing machine regularly. A leaking washing machine hose can discharge almost 2000 liters per hour. 

Water Supply System Leaks

Water seepage can also be caused by faulty internal plumbing, which can include leaky drainage pipes and sanitary fixtures. There could also be leakages in external supply pipes. 

Poor Drainage On The Roof

Rain water can accumulate on the roof due due to poor drainage, which could seep through the ceiling and drip inside your rooms. This could also be due to insufficient water proofing at the time of construction.

water flowing out of a damaged pipe

Watch out for hidden leaks
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Expert plumbers will quickly can pinpoint the sources of a leak. For a lasting solution to your leakage problem, it’s best to consult a professional plumber. 



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