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The new concept of vertical gardens is the beginning of change in the urban landscape, a way to introduce more green into urban lifestyles and bring the garden into your home.

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Create an interesting living green wall 

Vertical gardens are a new way to get the benefit of greenery into the interior of your home. With unprecedented urban development, there is little consideration about the dearth of green spaces, as a result cities are warmer, increasingly polluted and more concrete. However, the new concept of vertical gardens is the beginning of change in the urban landscape, a way to introduce more green into urban lifestyles.

Here are some quick tips on how to use empty vertical spaces and reasons to transform them into something more useful, meaningful, eco-friendly and eye catching.

Look For A Spot To Colour Green

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Find the right spot for a green wall

When you have decided to incorporate a living wall inside your house, the big question is where to put it? The spot you choose needs to have enough sunlight and ventilation to allow for the natural growth of the plants and must also be a focal point to enhance your decor.

Good Growth Needs Good Moisture

For your vertical garden to grow properly and stay healthy, it must receive its dose of moisture on a daily basis. Water the plants regularly so that they remain green. Remember your living walls are decor and need to be healthy and vibrant, you would not want plants that are brown, withered or dead!

Healthy Work Of Art

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A living wall as a work of art in the dining room

Green walls are a refreshing way to introduce plants and greenery into your daily life, they are also a work of art. You cannot plant unruly, ugly plants inside your home in a vertical garden. They must add aesthetic value as much as a health benefit for the people living in the space. When you think of painting a wall green, make it natural, with different plants across the wall and add a hint of flowers too!

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Grass is attractive grown as a vertical wall

Insulate Your Home 

Why subject yourself to poor quality air when you can produce fresh air inside your homes? Green walls not only enhance the decor but also purify the indoor air and keep your home insulated by preventing the absorption of heat heat during the day. Soon after installing a green wall you will notice the difference in temperature inside your home and in the quality of the air you breathe.

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Improve Energy Efficiency, Naturally

Nothing beats naturally cool temperatures versus cooling by air conditioners. Green walls are becoming a popular concept because they help your home be energy efficient by reducing  energy consumption thus reducing your carbon footprint. You can add greenery to your home and keep it naturally cooler, this further enhances the efficacy of air conditioners in the summer months. 

Change The Facade Organically

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An entire house facade covered with living plants

There are many ways to change the interiors, but there is very little you can do to change the facade of your home. Living walls Or green walls are a great way to change the look of your exterior every season. You not only protect the facade but can also introduce new plants every now and then and alter its appearance periodically. 

Make your home's exterior and interior a versatile and environment friendly work of art with the help of vertical gardens.

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Vertical Garden around tree



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