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Struggling with storage in your apartment? Discover ingenious solutions to conceal your storage, turning it into part of your living space decor.

Finding adequate storage in apartments is a challenge in the best of times and the flip side of not having designated storage for your things is a cluttered, untidy, messy apartment. Here's an idea, why not hide your storage in plain sight? Let storage masquerade as various pieces of furniture and decor accents that are part of your interiors!

1. In The Living Room 

Add a wrap-around bookshelf to the back of a sofa, it's a lovely way to display your DVD and book collections with the addition of a few knick-knacks, a lamp and souvenirs from your travels. This storage idea attractively integrates into the decor of your living room.

Another utility that is also stored is a bar chest/centre table. Using a purpose made chest as a bar keeps all your glasses and drinks right in the middle of your living room area for ease of access when you are entertaining friends and serves as a centre table when not in use.

2. In The Kid's Room

The kid's room is usually the one place any homemaker will struggle with organizing. A storage bench or chest is a great way to add storage to the kid's room making it easy to tidy up toys and games and keep them out of sight.

This bench has a seat that lifts up and reveals storage, it's also a good place to sit and read to your child, so it does double duty!

3. In The Bedroom

The storage bench idea can be adapted for your bedroom too! It's storage space to stow bedding, extra quilts, cushions and pillows and it serves as bedroom seating.

4. In The Bathroom

Store laundry out of sight on a console table with a pull out laundry basket. Instead of an ugly plastic bucket sitting in the middle of your beautifully decorated bathroom, hide your laundry in plain sight with this idea.

Adding shelves to the side of a bathtub uses otherwise wasted space under a bathtub and is another attractive way to store and showcase your toiletries and towels, making them part of the decor of the bathroom.

5. Hide Your Home Office In The Living Room

Your apartment doesn't have enough room for dedicated office space, as a result, you work out of your living room, or your dining table is also your desk. An ingenious solution is to use a desk as a console in your living room, it's ever so easy to clear a few knick-knacks off the top for when you want to work and just pull up a dining chair.  The desk drawers will keep all work-related documents stored and organized but out of view. Voila! Your home office is right there hiding in plain sight!

These are a few ways that storage and decor can come together to create appealing and functional interiors. If you liked these ideas and decide to use them in your own home do share your versions with us, we would love to see these ideas put to good use!

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