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Trendy and expensive, new-age modular kitchens look amazing, and it’s led to an increasing preference for open kitchen floor plans, but is it the right option for you?

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Wide open spaces make even a small apartment look larger

Today, kitchens are no longer tucked away in a corner of the home but have become the epicenter of the home, a place for family gatherings and entertaining friends. Trendy and expensive, new-age modular kitchens look amazing, and it’s led to an increasing preference for open kitchen floor plans, but is it the right option for you? Listed below are a few of the pros and cons of an open kitchen.

An Open Kitchen - The Upside

Ample Light

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No wall between the dining and kitchen lets in ample natural light

Because of the lack of walls, open kitchens let in more natural light compared to closed kitchens.

Multitask Entertain And Cook

A big advantage of an open kitchen is that it allows you to multitask while entertaining - talk while you chop! You don’t have to worry about disappearing into the kitchen while your guests are left to fend for themselves in your living room.

Create Space With An Open Plan

Open kitchens create the illusion of space as they offer open sight lines, i.e. there are no walls to cut your line of sight. So even a small apartment can be made to look much larger if the kitchen is open plan.

Keep An Eye On The Kids

An open kitchen lets you keep an eye on children while they play in the living room, an open kitchen may be a good choice for you if you have a toddler at home. You can cook and keep an eye on the little one. No more worrying or doing a mad dash every time you hear a crash.

Never Miss A Favorite Show Again

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Watch your favorite television serials while you cooking

An open kitchen also means no more missing your favorite television serial. Catch all the drama on your living room television while you mix, stir, and table healthy food for the family. Cooking was never more fun!


And The Downside

Smells Like Food

One of the biggest disadvantages of an open kitchen is that the smells from your kitchen will travel easily. It won’t be long before your home is filled with the aromas of the curry you cook for dinner. Installing a powerful chimney can help to combat this to some extent, but if you end up burning a dish your whole home will be filled with that acrid odor.

Constant Clatter

The other downside of an open kitchen; along with smells, sounds will also travel. If you have a clumsy moment in the kitchen, drop a glass or a plate at 3 am, you'll wake up the entire household, and the clatter of utensils in the sink can be a real distraction to a child studying for an exam.

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Keeping your open kitchen looking its best is important 
A Daily Chore

If you have unexpected guests and haven't had the time to get to the dishes, your messy kitchen might leave you a little red faced. Kitchens are work areas that are used everyday, keeping them clear and looking their best could be a challenge if you're busy juggling a job and two kids.

Zero Privacy

You can kiss privacy goodbye in an open kitchen. Unless you are home alone, in an open kitchen you are very much visible to anyone who is using the living room.

 So before you green light an open kitchen floor plan, it's best to do some serious thinking about your home and lifestyle. Make a list of pros and cons to help evaluate whether an open kitchen is the right choice for you.



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