11 Innovative Design Ideas Worth Stealing!

Every once in while, some clever architect or interior designer will come up with a creative idea that solves a problem related to an aspect of your living needs. Professionals who specialize in home development and decor keep track of these innovations, which can be valuable sources of inspiration in solving interior design problems creatively and economically!

These ingenious home improvement ideas span architectural brilliance, individual product design and strategic interior decoration! Find an element you can emulate or adapt for your own home to make a difference in your level of comfort while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Home office under the staircase
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Suspended Bedroom

If you are an individual or a couple who have a little apartment, the living room can double as a bedroom at night. Rather than go for a pull-out sofa, which is very common go for this innovative suspended bed. It can be pulled up to the ceiling in the mornings and brought down whenever you need. Not only is it a creative solution to space-saving, the bed adds a design element that is statement making in itself!

Space-saving hanging bed
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Hidden Workspace

Can't dedicate space for a home office? But would still like to have a comfortable workstation that no one can interfere with. So what do you do? Consider the design of this home office. It can double up as a workstation as well as hold household goods and a concealed bookcase! The pull-out seat does not interfere with the living space when you are not working.

Versatile and space-saving workstation

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Compact Bathroom Furnishing

Called the ‘Pixel’ series of bathroom furnishings they are so compact that they can enhance the smallest of spaces and still retain their usefulness. Wall-mounted and slim, simply open the sliding door and voila! Out comes a normal-size folding sink, faucet all. It also has storage space blow it. This may not be available in India but you could order it online.

Pack-able sink with faucet
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Staircase Drawers

Some people build closets under the staircase to store household utility items like bed linen, etc. Some people convert that space into a discrete home office. You can make the staircase double-up as a storage space! Each step contains a drawer, which completely eliminates the need for closets or storage furniture which eats up precious floor space. Nobody will notice they are stepping on drawers filled with utility items!

Staircase with storage drawers
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Dining Table/ Pool Table!

Though billiards is not a very common game in India, eating is immensely popular! If you have the same taste for the game as you have with your food, a dining table with a pool table concealed below it can give you the best of both worlds. It straightaway eliminates the need for two separate tables. For the uninitiated, you can cultivate a liking for the game and enhance your popularity by inviting your friends over. 

Dining table with a hidden agenda...
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Becomes a pool table!
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Glass Floors

Glass floors have constitute a unique and elegant interior design concept for the brave. It can freak out some folks but can enhance the decor of your home by adding a uniquely unusual element!. You might go a bit further and incorporate a glass staircase, complete with glass steps. 

Glassy elegance 
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Walk-In Bathtub

Ever considered a bathtub with a unique walk-in design with a contoured seat and elevated back rest? This tub also has plenty of space at the sides to place soap and shampoo. Though it can’t be as luxurious as a normal-sized bathtub, it can be a good start for especially for a small bathroom. 

A bathtub for small bathrooms
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 A new bathing experience!
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Kitchen Backsplash/ Window

Dream of a sunlit and spacious kitchen? But your pots and pans are taking up all available space? A designer has come up with a literal "bright idea" : a kitchen backsplash which is a glass window that lets the sunlight stream in! Though the window is the optimal solution for placing a cabinet above, letting in sunlight and enjoying the view outside, not to mention having a kitchen with an enviable design concept!

A bright, spacious kitchen
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A designer, probably a laid-back one, has designed a contraption that allows people to slide from floor to floor. And it is not only for kids, though it can be an excellent plaything for younger children, even adults can join in the fun! No more walking around the room to access the staircase, just hop into the opening and…Wheeee! Of course, you will still have to take staircase to climb back up!

An in-house slide
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Just hop in!
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Functional Aquariums

This one is for fish lovers with superb taste in interior design! Designed and  crafted aquariums that also serve as functional furniture and other utility items. Innovative and elegant, they can serve as both as an ecosphere for your finned friends and as an attraction for guests. The best part is that you can be versatile because aquariums are not limited to a rigid setting. So be imaginative; think of storage spaces with a glass enclosure and get to work!

Innovative aquariums
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Aquarium coffee table
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A Personal Library, Literally!

Another handy space-saver for book lovers. A bookcase in which you can curl up in with your current favorite tome. This bookcase design is extremely useful in cramped living spaces. You can add cushions or upholstery for added comfort. You might also want to add-on a ledge or holder to place your favorite drink.

An intelligent space-saver
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