Have An Off-Centre Window? Use These Interior Design Tips

Good interior design can fix the imbalance created in a room by an off-center window. An off-center window may create the illusion of the room being "heavier" on one side, but there are ways of balancing the optical weight of the window with some strategic design changes. The following decorating tips from professional interior designers can be used to correct the visual imbalance of your off-center window. 

Off-Centre Window
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Strike A Balance With Art

Wall art can help provide visual equilibrium to a wall with an off-center window. Measure the size of the window; then the length from the nearest side of the window to the adjoining wall. Select a large framed painting, or enlarge a photograph to a size similar to that of the window, or group together smaller art or photo frames and hang them within the same space. The art frames should occupy the corresponding location as the window on the window-less side of the wall.

Wall art for off-center window
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Symmetry With Curtains

Another effective way recommended by interior designers is to balance an off-center window using curtains or drapery. Measure the wall distance on both sides of the off-center window. Now, install a decorative curtain rod in the center and hang the curtains so that both the drapery edges on both sides are equidistant from the ends of the wall. During the day, pull the curtains to each side of the window to attain optimal visual balance. Use opaque fabrics to completely conceal the off-center window.

Balancing with drapes
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Harmony Using Furniture

Measure the distance from the top of the window to the floor. Now size up the length of the window. Select from a range of wall furniture like a bookcase, an open-shelf unit, a bookcase or chest of drawers and position it in a location on the wall that complements the coordinates of the off-center window. The dimensions of the furniture should be similar to the measurements you just took. The furniture should also be as distant from the wall to its side as the window is on the other.

Furniture placement
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Combine Accessories

You can combine wall art, furniture and other accessories to create the same balancing effect. Use wall hangings like a picture or tapestry and position them above a short piece of furniture, for e.g. a chair or a small divan to achieve wall symmetry. Another trick is to center a long decorative ledge under the window. Place a mirror about the same size as the window over the ledge on the other side of the window. Then place a vase of flowers, a candelabra or a tall accessory on the ledge between the window and the mirror. This helps you achieve an aesthetically pleasing and balanced wall.

Combine various decor pieces
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Understand which part of the room you will spend most of your time and the aspect and effect of the off-center window on the room interior from that location. Take your time before making any purchases and do your research! If you are still at a loss hire an interior designer to do the job for you!


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