Organizing Tips & Tricks For Small Kitchens

Space saving tricks for every kitchen!

With real estate booming, having a spacious house is a distant dream for many. Space saving is essential in today’s homes. A few tricks up your sleeve on maximizing space in your kitchen can be very helpful!

Mirror Mirror!

Mirrors aren't usually associated with kitchen interiors but decorating your kitchen with mirrors can make it look more spacious. Mirrors can be incorporated in many different ways the simplest being hanging one on the wall! More creative ways include mirrored doors for kitchen shelves, or as shelf backing.

Mirrors can make your kitchen look larger
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Organize By Frequency Of Use

Concentrate on how to use available kitchen space effectively rather than focusing on how to make the kitchen look larger. It can be a messy process to pull out an item at the back of the cupboard especially if the item is used regularly. Organizing condiments and groceries by frequency of use can save lots of hassle and time while making your kitchen look clean and crisp.  

Most used supplies are easy to use and replace
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Trays & Baskets

This tip is extremely useful to organize loose, half open condiment packets and small bottles or boxes which have a tendency to go missing at the moment you need them the most! Organize them in a tray and the search ends there!

Using wire baskets to organize 
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Label Everything

This might sound a little childish, but it's really helpful. Opening storage boxes and checking for items is time consuming and tiring and makes for an untidy kitchen. No one wants to set foot into a small untidy kitchen! Labeling items is a great way to know what you are picking without having to open a thousand boxes to check.

Get creative with the labels
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Above Counter Space

Do not limit storage space to below the counter, think upwards, add closed shelves above the kitchen counter for extra storage in your kitchen. Go right up to the ceiling if you need to!

Tap that magic space above the counter
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Go Modular

Use cabinets that occupy less space inside the wall and rotate to make more storage space. Most modular kitchen selections have options for such cabinets and they almost never go wrong.

Use modular cabinets for a trendy, storage savvy kitchen
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Light Colors

Painting with light colors is an age old trick to maximize space. Choose lighter shades for your kitchen but look beyond white and beige!

Think beyond white and beige
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Use Wall Space Effectively

If there’s no shelf on the wall, add hooks and hang all the items. When chosen properly, utensils can also serve as chic kitchen decor!

Wall storage can make your kitchen look chic!
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The golden rule for an organized home, to make it look clean and spacious is to not leave things lying around. Assign a spot to every article and put it back in its place. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but a little immediate effort can avoid a lot of work piling up for later!


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