Use Your Signature Color In Interior Decor

What is a signature color?

Like your signature is unique to you, so is your signature color! Well, maybe not that unique, but close enough! Is there that one color that you always end up buying? Does that color reminds your friends of you? That is your signature color! Be sure to describe your signature color accurately. If your signature color is teal, use the right name, don’t call it greenish blue or whatever!

An accent wall in a signature color
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Using a signature color in interior decor and paint color schemes

It is only natural that you may be inclined to paint your home in your signature shade, but it could be a bit too much or get mundane after a while. There is a way to integrate your signature color into interior decor and painting schemes without overdoing it. Use color in moderation, in interior accents or to paint an accent wall. Read on to find out more.

Green used as an accent color
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Paint an accent wall in your signature color

If orange is your signature color, avoid painting your whole living room orange! You can contrast the warmth of orange with neutral shades of paint or add contrasting wall decals that tone down the brightness of orange. One precaution to keep in mind is to match your signature color in the corresponding paint perfectly and write down the name/number in the paint company shade card for future reference and to share it easily with the the painter that you hire.

Add interior decor accents in your signature color to provide contrast 

Just add a pop of your signature color in your interior decoration color scheme if you do not want to paint a whole wall. Maybe that red comforter spread on your bed or those purple chairs and cushions in your living area are all the statement you need to make.

Pink accent chair is a "statement" piece for this dressing area
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Repeat a signature color in interior decor and paint color schemes with caution!

It is always east to pick up a dress in a turquoise shade, but do we always dress up with the same color? No, right? Similarly do not always repeat your signature color in interior painting or decor, instead water down its significance. Repeat your signature color in both interior decor and paint schemes with care and after giving it due thought.

Maintain harmony throughout your home by repeating colors
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Gather color inspiration from nature                                         

Look around and you shall find something natural in your signature color, maybe a flower or a feather! Never miss an opportunity to add that natural touch to your interior decor. If you have a green thumb, you can also try your hand at gardening and nurture plants that have blooms in your signature color! Want to paint that accent wall in your signature color right this minute? Hire a professional painting service now to get it done ASAP!


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