Selling Your home? Paint It First, Sell It Faster!

Not only will a professionally painted house sell faster, but it will also sell for a higher price. 

Repainting your house may help you sell it faster!
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Selling a home is as difficult a task as buying one! Potential buyers consider a lot of factors while buying a house but as the saying goes, first impressions are the best impressions. So hiring a professional painting service to repaint your house is the first step to selling your house. Did you know that various real estate studies have shown that certain paint colors increase the chances of selling your house?

Consider these house painting tips if you are planning to put it on the market.

Neutral Colors & Styles

When someone is looking at a potential future home, they want to see it as a place they can customize. Maybe a prospective buyer does not want that wall in the kids’ painted in a bright pink. Keep the colors neutral so not to distract the eye of a buyer but make them think of your home as a canvas that they can paint their story on! There are many neutral shades to choose from, not just white and beige. Light shades of olive, tan, beige and brown are also viable options.

Don't limit yourself to beige! 
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Renovate Outdated Paint Colors & Designs

Don't let the buyer be distracted from the better aspects of your home just because of paint color. So if you've painted something orange or black, consider repainting before putting your home up for sale.

Repaint your walls
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Paint To Maximize Space

Colors can play tricks on your eyes! Paint small rooms in light colors or blend the colors of the room and the decor to make small spaces look larger. This is an age old trick used in real estate marketing.

Blending in decor to make the room look bigger
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Work On Exterior House Painting

It is one thing to paint the interiors of your house and a completely different thing to paint the exterior. Customize the exterior paint color of your house, to blend in rather than to stand out. Work on using colors that not only enhance the look of the house but also the beauty of its surroundings.

Unify the Surroundings with the House
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Appropriate Paint Colors For Different Rooms

Painting in neutral colors is not your only option. A lively kids’ bedroom with a splash of colors is always acceptable but doing the same to your guest bedroom might ward off potential buyers. Consulting an interior designer or decorator may be a good idea before you invest in a costly paint job.

Different rooms require different paint colors
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When renovating and repainting your home it pays to keep a few interior design/ decorating thumb rules in mind; like keeping the kitchen paint color bright, maximizing the space of bathrooms, making the bedroom cozy, the living room warm etc. You can always hire a professional interior designer and a professional painting service to help you choose the right colors for the right rooms. 


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