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Since nothing can be done about the physical size of a cupboard, let’s walk you through 9 different ways you can maximize storage for a cleaner, more organised home!

9 Tips that maximize wardrobe space for a neater, cleaner, more organised home!

There’s an eternal need for more storage space in households, especially if you have to make do with a small cupboard. No storage usually makes for a cluttered house that looks disorganized and messy! 

Since nothing can be done about the physical size of a cupboard, let’s walk you through 9 different ways you can maximize wardrobe storage for a neater, cleaner, more organised home!

Clean & Organize Idea 1 - Create More Space

9 Ways To Max Wardrobe Storage
Storage space behind the closet door
Image - Mutianshow.com

Don’t let the dimensions of your closet deceive you! You can easily stash some more stuff quite comfortably, starting with the flat surface behind the cupboard door. Fix a few rods, hooks or baskets on door interiors to make it easy to store and retrieve clothing and accessories for everyday use. 

Clean & Organize Idea 1 - Create More Space
Behind the door jewelry rack
Image - Pinterest.com

 Storage space behind the closet door
Behind door scarf hanger
Image - Pinterest.com
Snap an under-the-shelf basket, usually available for kitchen storage, to a cupboard shelf and watch extra space unfold!

Behind door scarf hanger
Under shelf rack
Image - Organizingmagic.com

Clean & Organize Idea 2 - Use Space Effectively

There’s a lot of potential space in every tiny closet, just waiting to be tapped! Creative use of hangers can vastly improve storage capacity. Different styles of hangers are available today that serve multiple purposes. 

Use Space Effectively
Scarf hanger options
Images - Organizeit.com

Scarf hanger options
Tie hangers can hold tank tops as well!
Image - Pinterest.com

Buy Tie hangers or Circular hangers to store your clothing, use shower curtain rings to organize your collection of scarves, bags, belts or secure them to a hanger using a simple knot.

Tie hangers or Circular hangers
Scarves knotted on a hanger
Image - Buzzfed.com

Clean & Organize Idea 3 - Innovate Vertically

Usually we only make use of the width and depth of closet space, that too only within reachable distance. Space along the vertical plane is ignored. You can access this space and put it to good use by making use of step-stools to reach higher shelves.

Innovate Vertically
Functional hanger designs are aplenty
Image - Pinterest.com

Clean & Organize Idea 4 - Closet Floor

Functional hanger designs are aplenty
Image - Amomstake.com
Don't ignore the floor space in your closet, it can easily accommodate cubbies or old boxes that again offer extra storage space!

Clean & Organize Idea 5 - Adjustable Shelves 

extra storage space
Image - Mediagiantdesign.com
Need more shelves? Get adjustable shelves, with supporting fixtures at different heights. You can remove or add shelves to make optimum use of the rods and shelves as and when needed.

Clean & Organize Idea 6 - Organize Differently

adjustable shelves
Over-the-door shoe organizer put to better use!
Image - Brit.co
Consider organizing things in small bags or boxes. Similar items can go into one bag or box (socks, wallets, clutches, hair bands etc.). You can then stock these boxes in a drawer, shelf, or on the floor of your closet. This makes it easy to locate small things that often get misplaced.

Clean & Organize Idea 7 - External Storage Options

If you are okay with towels, bathrobes, lounge wear, coats, and formal wear for the next day being aired out on external hangers, then you could land up with spare space in your tiny closet for more precious things. Get comfortable with portable, flexible external clothes dryers and hangers. Some of them even have great aesthetic appeal and are definitely not an eyesore.

shoe organizer
Designer vertical hangers are easy on the eye
Image - Weburbanist.com

Clean & Organize Idea 8 - Staggered Rods

Very similar to adjustable shelves, rods or clotheslines across the closet, when staggered at different levels, not only accommodate extra load, but ensure that clothes don’t overlap and that there is enough air circulation to keep your cupboard from becoming stuffy.

Clean & Organize Idea 9 - Declutter!

Staggered Rods
Universal rule to de-clutter clothes!
Image - Pinterest.com
Regularly weed out unwanted things from the closet, store seasonal/special clothes in suitcases or trunks, donate clothes that are out-of-fashion and swap under or over sized clothes with friends!
Do drop us a line if you found these tips helpful. And lastly, if these tips don't work out for you, hire a professional carpenter to build you a cupboard fit for a queen on HomeTriangle instead! 



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