Must Try Organizing Tricks - Part 2!

An organized home will make your life easy and simplify basic tasks. Continuing in our "Must try organizing tricks" series, here are a few more organizing tips to keep your home looking clean, neat and beautiful!


Organize medicines in separate trays and label.


Label and organize medicines in separate trays
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For those, who need to remember to take their medication in time, here is an excellent idea – an alarm clock pill organizer.

Alarm clock pill organizer
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Make-Up & Dresser

A compact sized, make-up & dressing table organizer for your beauty supplies, all organized in an elegant way!


Make up organizer
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Clothes & Cupboards

Arrange your clothes vertically in drawers. You can save space and also see them all.

File folding
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File folding: refer this link for instructions.

Or roll up your clothes while organizing drawers as shown in the picture. You will be able to fit more clothes and it will look much neater.

Roll up your clothes to save space in drawers
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Subdivide your drawers to find things quickly!


Subdivide your drawers
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Hanging clothes that you wear every day gives you easy access to them. Sort them according to seasons or events like daily wear, party wear, and casual wear to find what you need quickly.


Hang clothes in closets
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Organize scarfs/dupattas : Here is an excellent way to hang your scarfs and dupattas.

Scarfs and dupattas
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Use a pet net or anything similar to organize toys. This will also make the room look more attractive.

Pet net 
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You can use hooks instead of towel rails to hang towels in the bath room. It’s easier for kids to pick and hang towels.

Hooks to hang  towels
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Arrange cleaning supplies in trays and stands neatly and keep them out of sight.

Cleaning supplies
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Hang a shower caddy with soaps and shampoos in the shower/ bath area.

Shower caddy
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Use slim laundry carts that don’t take up space to store detergents and fabric softeners.

A slim cart for detergent and soaps
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Study & Desk 

Keep a notepad with a pen holder close to the phone at all times. A study table and desk organizer to organize pens, pencils, staplers, papers etc., is a must for any student. It is also essential for a home office. You can invest in a good desk top organizer or make your own.

DIY Desk organizer
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Clutter & Collectibles

Transform clutter Into decor! If you can’t figure out what to do with random items like old magazines, pictures etc., which you don’t want to throw away, arrange them in an artful way.  A heap of clutter will suddenly look beautiful!

Display pictures  and collectibles
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Instead of storing your favorite souvenirs and collectibles in piles or boxes, try displaying them in a unique way.

An example of souvenirs and collectibles displayed artisiticaly
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Never underestimate the value of a good shoe rack. It is totally worth your money!
Shoe rack
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Last but not least, get rid of all things in your home that you don't really use or feel good about. Remember, a little organizing and cleaning up every day can save you hours of organizing and cleaning time. Also check out Must Try Organizing Tricks- Part 1


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