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Many parents will tell you it’s easier, faster and better to clean your room by yourself rather than get them to do it. if they see you do it, they might do it as well.

A quick mini-cleaning routine to follow every day.

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Want your little boys room to look this clean?
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Many parents will tell you it’s actually easier, faster and better to clean your children’s’ room yourself rather than get them to do it. After all, a child’s idea of cleaning a room is shoving everything under the bed and smoothing out the sheets, all in a few minutes! What if you could take the same time and do a much neater job? Who knows, if your kids see you do it, they might discover that doing a good job does not take the whole weekend. 

Here’s how it’s possible.

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Super messy kids room
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Organize Your Supplies 

You need to have all your cleaning tools in one place, so you have access to everything at one go. Things you will need are a bag or box to dump clutter, a broom or vacuum cleaner, a hamper, a toy box and waste basket. Collect what you need before you start cleaning.

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Put all your cleaning supplies in one place
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Dirty Clothes Hamper

If your kids are typical, the dirty clothes are lying in a mess around the clothes hamper, and you’ll have to pick them up and throw them in the hamper. You can unfold socks and turn clothes right side out here or later in the laundry.

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Clothes hamper
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Pick Up 

Pick up all waste and dump in a waste basket. Retrieve toys from the floor, bed, desk or other places. Don’t worry about sorting them out, just dump them unceremoniously into a toy box! Gather everything else that doesn’t belong in the room and put it in a bag or basket.

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Make The Bed

Fold the blanket or comforter, smooth out the sheets and fluff up the pillows. That’s all you can do before your kid "hurricane" hits again! At least it looks neater now and will stay like that for a bit. 

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A neat bed
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Arrange Clean Clothes 

Put all clean clothes in a neat pile on the bed. You can either fold them or hang them in the closet now, or later before going to bed. If your children are older, you may just want to fold them now and stack them on that bed you just made.

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Fold clothes and put away
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Sweep & Mop

This is the last task, but make sure the floor is empty before you sweep or vacuum it. There, you’re done. Now all that remains is to put away your supplies where you can grab them next time.

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The end result!
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Involve Your Kids

It might be a good idea to get your children involved in cleaning their own rooms and assigning certain tasks while you’re doing the tidying up. You could ask your older children to put the basket, toy box and even the hamper in their assigned places.

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Make a chore chart for your kids
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Be a role model and work with your children on this "mini-cleaning" routine everyday for a week, till they start getting the hang of it. Get creative and make a picture chart for younger children that depicts the steps they need to follow. If sops are required to get your children to work, institute one time candy jar access as a post cleaning treat!



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How To - Clean Your Kids’ Room in a Jiffy

Many parents will tell you it’s easier, faster and better to clean your room by yourself rather than get them to do it. if they see you do it, they might do it as well.

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