How to - Keep Wooden Furniture Glossy And Gleaming!

Wood furniture can be very artistic pieces apart from being incredibly sturdy. People swear by wood furniture but fail to maintain it close to its original, shiny finish because they don’t know how to. This article will change that for you!

The first thing to remember - shiny wood does not mean clean wood! Despite dusting regularly, dirt can build-up over time and permanently dull wood polish. The following method can help give most wood furniture a face-lift, maintain its quality and extend its life. For family heirlooms and antique pieces consult a professional restorer first.

Living with wood
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Equipment + Material

You will need a vacuum cleaner or a sturdy brush. Get some clean cleaning cloths, which have not been used before. Microfiber cloths the most effective cleaning. Now grab a bucket which can hold 5 liters of water. For routine cleaning, white vinegar is an effective and green cleaning agent. If the furniture needs a good polish, you could use vegetable or olive oil.

Vinegar for wood cleaning
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Create Space

Get free access to wood surfaces. If it has accessories, like knobs, remove them unless they hold the furniture together like hinges, etc. Clear wood counter and table tops. If it is a bed or a sofa set, remove the pillows, mattresses and bed sheets. Now pull the furniture away from the wall to give you more room to work.

Get around the hardware
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Use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner or a soft manual brush to remove dust and accumulated dirt from the surface, corners and cracks. You could also use a moist cloth to rub the surface. While you’re at it, dust the mattresses, pillows and cushions. 

Dust furniture first
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Mix half a cup of white vinegar with 2 liters of warm water. You could double the ingredients for larger surfaces. Now, soak a rag in the water and wring it thoroughly. You do not want excessive water to penetrate the wood finish. Wipe the surfaces gently, in a circular motion. Rinse the cloth when dirty, and repeat the process till the whole piece is clean.

Wipe carefully
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Remove Moisture

Take a fresh, dry cloth and dry buff surfaces. Again use a circular motion to get a bright finish. If you find areas that are not as clean as desired, repeat the wash process for the spot. After this step the wood should be clean and dry.

Buff to remove moisture
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To preserve the quality of wood, you need to give it a good polish once or twice a year. Take a quarter cup of vegetable or olive oil and mix it with a similar quantity of white vinegar. Moisten a microfiber cloth with the mixture and polish the wood to a shine. Test a small area to verify that the liquid is working as it should and not damaging your furniture in any way.

Buff with a mix of oil and vinegar
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Keeping Wood Healthy
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Keeping Wood Healthy

The key to taking care of wood is its finish. Oiled surfaces, painted wood and polished hardwood all require different approaches. Bamboo, though not technically a wood, may need more moisturizing. If you need to wax wood, be sure the type of wax suits that particular wood.


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