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Flies are tenacious, irritating, and dangerous foes that thrive on filth and lay eggs in garbage or compost. Adult flies can spread diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, and cholera.

Flies can be extremely tenacious, irritating and dangerous foes. Flies thrive on filth and lay their eggs in garbage or compost which is then an abundant food source when the larvae emerge. Adult flies fly back and forth between food and filth and because flies cannot eat solid food, when an adult fly rests on your food it vomits on it to dissolve it and then sucks it up. This process spreads diseases that affect you and your family. The serious diseases flies foster include typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, anthrax, tuberculosis and conjunctivitis, etc.

Luckily there are some simple home remedies to repel or eliminate these flies altogether. Here are some of the most effective for you to try today. 

housefly images
An adult fly
Image - Orkin.com


A fly paper is another effective way to keep flies out. Make a syrup of sugar and corn starch and apply it to a thick paper. Hang it outside your front door and flies will never make an entry. You can also hang clear, plastic bags filled with water outside the door: flies will take a wide detour. 

housefly lifespan
Hang a water bag to keep flies at bay
Image - Heartofwisdom.com


Home remedies are often quite effective against this flying household pest. Light camphor and let the fumes spread through your home or try basil, which not only has medicinal properties but is a strong fly repellent. Plant Basil in your garden, as well as other plants like mint, lavender and marigold. A few drops of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon grass when added to water used to mop your floors, or used in a diffuser, will fill your rooms with aroma and also keep the flies away. Flies cannot bear the smell of cloves or cinnamon, so leave cloves and cinnamon out in the kitchen in a bowl on your counter-top to act as a spicy potpourri that will keep flies at bay.

Surprisingly, flies are also repelled by cucumber, so keeping a layer of cucumber peels on top of the garbage in your bin will prevent flies from laying eggs! Keep cucumber slices around the exterior of your home to keep flies outside. 

housefly picture
Use essential oils of herbs like lavender create a no fly zone
Image - Stepin2mygreenworld.com


Flies get attracted to a mixture of green liquid soap and water. A jar with two spoon of green liquid soap soaked in a few inches of water will drown flies. Another lethal solution for flies is apple cider vinegar mixed with a liquid detergent placed in a jar. Another alternative is to put some cayenne powder in a spray bottle and mix it with water. Then spray it around the house. The spray will attract the flies but eventually poison them. A solution of white wine and dish washing liquid is also a fatal trap for flies.

Electronic terminators include ultra violet traps and UV lights which are very effective fly killers. 

housefly trap
A UV Trap
Image - Aliexpress.com

The fly swat is another good weapon: the electronic mechanism kills flies instantly. 

housefly repellent
Electronic fly swatter
Image - Harborfreight.com

And, the tech-savvy can use a fly gun. Aim the perforated disc on the plastic projectile and swat the fly. It looks more like a toy than a fly weapon!

housefly spray
A Fly Gun
Image - Nononeon.asia

housefly killer machine
The Venus Fly Trap plant
Image - Perryponders.com

Sometimes just switching on the fan will disperse the pesky trespassers or simply attach screens to your door and windows to keep flies out. There are also pesticide sprays in the market which have a quick response time but are toxic to humans and harm the environment. On a more "naturally" humorous note buy a carnivorous plant like the Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant which trap and eat flies! Though these plants are a clean and green option, flies are not their staple diet!



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