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Beautify your home interiors
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Being in love with your home can be much like your relationship with your partner! There are times when you need to rejuvenate your home interiors with a little more involvement; with a makeover and fall in love all over again! It’s not about making big changes but about appreciating the little things. A slight re-arranging of furniture, window panes in a new color, or just removing clutter can make your world a happier, more energized place. 

Consider HomeTriangle's easy and inexpensive tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your house!

Appreciate Positives

Sometimes it’s easy to regret the things you have not been able to achieve and overlook the little things that make life so much easier and worthwhile. Appreciate the joys of nature as you sit on your porch in the evening or luxuriate in the warmth of a refreshing bath as you read a good book. Knowing that your glass is half full and not half empty will make you feel a lot better about yourself and your house.

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Organize Storage

Identify storage places that do not encroach into your living space, and organize them in a way that gives you easy access to things. Buy containers for the little items, label the medicine box and keep supplies handy. Create a donations box and drop unwanted things in it regularly, take it to the nearest charity as soon as it's full.

Keep it organized
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Make It Your Mirror

Let your home reflect your personality. Express your tastes, your aspirations, and your lifestyle. Make the walls showcase your artistic side, let your bathroom reveal your elegance! Use every room as a canvas to mirror its occupant.


Add small details to personalize your home
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Be Active + Involved

Try "Do It Yourself" projects, DIY can be a lot of fun! Design some additional bookshelves or re-paint the kitchen cabinets. Don’t feel like cooking? Order pizza by all means; you could use the time re-arranging the flower vases on the porch or giving the kitchen counter a much needed scrub! Admiring the end result of a DIY home project and making your family’s life a bit better will simply make you feel great!

Try DIY!
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Prioritize Neatness 

"A place for everything" keeps things neat and organised, which combined with serene wall colors, unwrinkled drapes, filtered natural light and made-up beds makes for a perfect ‘lived-in’ look that also feels calm and peaceful. An organized, uncluttered home has a very soothing effect.

Keep it tidy
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Make Personal Space

If you like to read create a reading nook for yourself with a desk or an easy chair. Consider a playground in the back lawn for younger kids and a study for older ones. Everyone needs their own space to express and discover themselves.

Your Own Space
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Buy Only Useful Stuff

Avoid impulse purchases and the tendency to buy things because they happen to be on sale! Actively filter all items that come into your home. Its not only good economics, you also save on storage and prevent clutter. 

Buy smart, save money!
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Finally, it is your home; do what you want! Forget about current trends! Create a "timeless" home, and even though your home may be unfashionable, you'll be happier! 


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