Homeowner Styles - Say "Hello Summer" With Bright Cushions

HomeTriangle.com's "Homeowner Styles" series features contributions from style savvy homeowners who open the doors to their home to welcome the HomeTriangle audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the special spots in their homes and the aesthetic elements that come together to craft one of a kind decor and interiors!

In this feature Neha Agarwal describes how she uses cushions in her living room for a spot of cheerful yet flexible summer decor that does not cost a bomb!

With the sun shining down upon us with all its might most people prefer cooling their heels indoors, and I am pretty excited about accessorizing my staid couch with happy, bright, sunny colors!

Cushions are simple additions that have a large impact on decor
And its actually quite simple. I just add a few brightly hued cushions and I am done! A combination of two or more different sized tropical cushions contrasts the beige sofa and the muted, neutral curtains on the living room window.

Contrast the sofa and the color of the cushion for added impact
A bright embroidered cushion offsets the elegant beige upholstered 3-seater sofa in the living room. 

Place cushions in an attractive display to accessorize your sofa
Like me, you too can source brightly printed or embroidered cushions from better home decor stores.

Different cushions used in the same setting
On the other end of the living room, are two beige sofa chairs with printed, Kantha embroidered cushions that offset the ones on the 3-seater sofa.

The details on the Kantha work cushions
The hand embroidered Kantha work fuchsia cushions are sourced from one of my favorite exhibitions stalls in the city. Intricate Kantha thread-work in various hues and the exuberant prints  give the fuchsia cushions a traditional yet modern feel.
Cushions give me the flexibility to change the look of my living room easily, and at very little cost, so I can match the decor to the seasons. These are my "Hello Summer" cushions!
Article and Images contributed by - Neha Agarwal

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