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Once you finish reading this piece, you’ll wonder why decorating living spaces is thought to be a woman’s domain. Here’s why men can actually do decor better!

Once you finish reading this piece, you’ll wonder why decorating living spaces is thought to be a woman’s domain. Men have a more rational approach to decor, with an emphasis on function and purpose, and no room for sentimental artifacts or trinkets. 

Here’s why men can actually do decor better!

watching tv
Modern day men create relaxed, laidback spaces
Image -  Pixshark.com

No Extra Stuff

Less is more in masculine homes. Guys know what is important enough to keep and what to discard. Everything on display is sure to add value to the living space. Otherwise it just doesn't belong. Men can never be bothered with stuff they don’t use this it prevents clutter.

living room
Neat and Tidy!
Image - Freshome.com

Fewer Varieties        

Men will never overdo multiple patterns and designs, decor will be limited to classic styles like plaids, stripes and geometric shapes. Floral patterns (if ever found!) are sure to be an indifferent acquisition, rather than an aesthetic choice.

Simple, nautical inspired, masculine bedding
Image - Masculinebeddin.net

living room
Masculine Patterns
Image - Freshome.com

No Art For Art’s Sake

When men display paintings, sculptures or photographs, the art says something about them, it reflects their taste and are not just random pieces of wall decor to fill up space. Paintings are likelier to be copies of classics, portraits and landscapes.

living room leading to hallway
Art that Reflects Yourself
Image - Streetstrut.com

Sober Colors

Guys will stick to neutral tones like shades of grey, blue, green and brown. You will never find a clash of colors or questionable combinations in a home designed by a man. Even when the home is not consciously designed, sober hues are men’s default choice.

living room
Shades of Blue and Grey
Image - Plantingsequoiasblog.com

No Function, No Space

In a man’s house, everything depends on its utility, and not on aesthetics alone. If a man wants to put his feet on the coffee table, you can be sure the table top will not be a vintage glass piece. 

Many Materials

To make a room interesting despite limited patterns and subdued colors, men use a plethora of textures. There will be a mix of linen, wool, sea grass, leather, wood and metal. 

dining room
A range of materials used in a room
Image - Freshome.com

Sturdy Furniture

You will never find delicate chairs or tables in a man’s home. Guys only decorate with furniture that can be used to the fullest. A masculine home is sturdy, yet laid-back and comfortable. His sofa is likely to be a lounging piece with less emphasis on the superficial.

living room
Functionality means sturdiness
Image - Landligidylliinteriorhuset.blogspot.in

A Home Office

Men don’t necessarily have to work from home to have a desk at home. Men are prone to bringing work home, and the aesthetically inclined male will more often than not have a stylish desk. It can be strategically placed to work and watch a football game!


A lot can be said about a man from what he reads. The organized book enthusiast will have a well-organized display of books and magazines. The library need not be an entire room; bookshelves can provide a stylish and literary ambiance. In an age when everyone’s hooked on Ipads, it sets the stylish man apart from others.
library room
Create a personal library
Image - Houzz.com

A Practical Bathroom

A stylish man’s bathroom is more than a place for routine ablutions. Macho bathroom luxury can comprise of a steam room, elegant flooring, shower jets or just a comfortable place to shave with a well placed mirror.

bathroom with black walls
Bathrooms can also be living spaces
Image - Lmaomi.com
So men do get it right! And stylish, modern day men are all about making a statement with their homes as much as everything else in their lives.



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