17 Super Ideas For First Time Homeowners!

There’s a first time for everything and while buying your first home can be a very costly and stressful affair, it is also the perfect time to invest in your furniture and decor. Here are a few tips to help young first time, homeowners make sense of it all and create a beautiful home!

Assess What You Have Vs What You Want

Moving to your first home? This is a good time to make a list of your inventory and a wish list too!

Inventory Management
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Re-Upholster Old Furniture

Old is gold. Do not throw away hand-me-down furniture, instead, change the upholstery for a fresh, clean, new look!

Try to do it Yourself
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Cool Centerpieces

Attention getting centerpieces, like an uber cool coffee table in the living area or eclectic modern art on the walls, will add oodles of style to your space!

An uber cool Rubix Cube coffee table 
Image - Freshome.com

Rugs And Carpets 

Make your floor interesting without investing in flooring! Instead buy a few cheap and cheerful rugs and carpets to cover your floor and make the room warm, cozy and inviting. 

Rugs add color and cozy up a room
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Specific Storage & Organizer Boxes 

Please throw out your collection of random take out containers, ice-cream and cookie boxes! Get an appealing array of matching organizer boxes to make your new kitchen look a million bucks! Totally worth the investment. 

Similar containers, placed neatly on open kitchen shelves
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Organize Cords

Phones, tablets, laptops, IPods, gadgets everywhere? And everything comes with a corresponding charger. Arrange all those tangled cords by creating a charging hub in a convenient spot. Try your hand at making this DIY charging dock , find instructions here.

DIY charging station
Image - Lifehacker.com

Collage Of Photos 

Print out a few cherished memories from your digital photo album and make a collage that you can proudly show off in your living room. A photo collage can be a great conversation starter too, and since you just moved, here is an idea for your first photo collage, document the moving and buying process for your first home!

Framed photo collage on a living room wall
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Accessorize Accessorize!

Have a few antique hand-me-downs from your great grandmother? Or a collection of hats, sunglasses or umbrellas? Decorate a wall by displaying them all!

Hats and scarves are all you need to adorn a wall
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Clocks With Personality

No boring clocks, there are better ways to read time like this clock for the math geek inside of you!

The geek's wall clock!
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Furniture That Speaks 

Coffee Lover? Invest in a coffee table, an espresso maker and make your own café corner. Book lovers, try this bookshelf! One amazing, statement piece of furniture is all you need.

Every book lover's dream
Image - Homecaprice.com

Stay Furniture Light!

Since this is your first home and you are sure to be moving on soon, buy furniture that is easy to dismantle and light!

Add Some Indoor Plants

You don’t need to run when I mention plants! All they need is a little TLC and your effort is paid off with that fresh spot of green in your room.

Indoor Plants are Refreshing
Image - Home-designing.com

Chalkboard Wall 

Skip those to-do and post-it notes, personalize a chalkboard wall with little notes to yourself everyday!

A chalkboard wall is great idea for your work space!
Image - Cromly.com


Your dining table can double as your game table and your work desk! Let all your furniture do double duty to maximize space.

This Coffee table also doubles up as a game table
Image Avukatveyselerol.com

Paint To Make Your Rooms Look Large

Remember light colored walls give the impression of bigger rooms!


Do small home improvement projects yourself, get those hands dirty and save a pretty packet!

Splurge On Your Bathroom!

Still have a penny or a pound to spare? Indulge your senses with a relaxing bathroom to unwind and relax in

Who wouldn't want a bathroom like this?
Image - Teardropsonroses.blogspot.in 

The best accessory for your first home is your happiness and laughter that make this house your home!


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