Fabulous Front Door DIYs That Show Off Serious Style Chops!

What a difference a door can make! And you better believe it, like we've told you before in the article "Front door makeover", your front door is the first style statement that you make to everyone (who may or may not enter your home).

Got great personal style? The absolute best place to show it off is the front door and the area around it. We're going to show you a few front door and entry/ porch DIYs that are going to knock your socks off and get you trying something creative and new right now! All you need is basic craft supplies to make stencils at home and some paint, so super easy and super pocket friendly but with totally WOW results!


Use a simple stencil to add a detail like the word"welcome" on your front door as shown below. Find instructions here.

Cut out of a "welcome" stencil
Image - Firsttimefancy.com

The finished effect on a door
Image - Firsttimefancy.com

Door numbers On The Door

Use the same concept shown above, but stencil numbers on your front door instead! Look for an attractive font, print it out, cut it out and follow the same steps as for the welcome sign above.

Stencilled door numbers
Image - Decoist.com

Door Numbers On Other Stuff!

Stencil your house number on a pretty potted planters display in your garden, especially attractive in villa complexes with open gardens!

Three ways to do the number stencil on planters
Image - Frugalcouponliving.com

Your Family Name/ Initial

Stencil your family name or initial on , or over, your front door in a standout color so visitors can spot your stylish main door from afar! You can even buy a stencil online if you are feeling creative but not so motivated!
Initial on main door
Image - Etsy.com

Stencil The Floor

Use a stencil on the floor outside the front door to create an attractive pattern. Needless to say this idea translates best in a covered porch in standalone homes. For common areas in apartment blocks use a small pattern stencil and remember to only use removable or washable colors.

Stencil used on a wooden dining room floor
Image - Lowes.com

Make It Fun For The Kids

Decorating your front door with the little ones can be a fun project before Halloween! When the candy hungry little brigade comes calling your door can do all the spooking! All You have to do is get creative with crafts supplies, paper and scissors and make yourself a scary door.
Decorate the door for Halloween
Image - Diycozyhome.com
So many ideas so little time! Try one today for oohs and aahs from the neighbors and friends alike! 

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