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Find out more about the super time, space and effort-saving hacks that are a must-do for beautiful, modern, functional kitchens!

You'll wonder which genius came up with these insanely effective super clever ideas to max your kitchen potential! If you are considering a reno or remodel, read up on these first and try them in your kitchen to make it a pleasure to work in and max the utility factor.

Making the kitchen an easier place, one wonderful idea at a time!

Multi Purpose Hooks

Use hooks to hold up pot lids on the inside of cabinet doors to maximize space and easily find all your lids. No more rummaging around in the back of the cupboard!

hacks kitchen
Hooks as pot lid holders
Image - Coco29.com

Pull Out Knife Block

All your knives in one place, so the next time you need one, pull it out and find it without hurting yourself.

cabinet for knives
Knife block slide out
Image - Buzzfeed.com

Display Everything

Don't put away anything, display everything on shelves and you immediately know where everything is! Perfect for small kitchens, you don't have to build expensive cupboards and you save space!

kitchen hacks tools
Hang everything on a rack or rail
Image - Fickr.com

Slide Out

Use a slide out for the kitchen towel, dishrag and dish and hand soaps, build it into your kitchen cupboards near the sink to keep the area clear and clutter free.

kitchen hacks storage
Slide out towel rail and soap shelf
Image - Hgtv.com

Use An Extension Rod

An extension rod, the kind that are sold to hold up shower curtains are a great hack to use the dead space under the kitchen sink, fit one in place and hang or hook spray bottles on to it.

kitchen tricks
Rod to hold spray bottles under the kitchen sink
Image - Housetohome.co.uk

Towel Rod Lid Holders

Instead of hooks as shown above, use towel rods screwed on to the inside of a cupboard door to hold lids in place and find them super quick!

kitchen hacks products
Towel rods to hold pot lids
Image - Christianpf.com

Chopping Board

Who would not want a chopping board that slides out right above the garbage bin? Once you are done chopping, the waste goes easily into the bin, you wipe down and slide back!

kitchen hacks indian
Chopping board slide out over the bin
Image - Topinspired.com

Narrow Storage

A narrow space is perfect to fit in this custom built spice rack. You'll use the otherwise wasted space and you'll be able to find those mustard seeds in a jiffy!

kitchen life hacks
Slide out narrow spice cabinet
Image - Buzzfeed.com

Pan Rail

Having to pull out every pan and pot in the cupboard to get to the one you want can be a pain. This idea lets you slide them all out on a rail, and you get the one you want, simple and easy!

useful kitchen hacks
Slide out pan rack
Image - Dailywt.com

These super time, space and effort saving hacks are a must do for beautiful, modern, functional kitchens!



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