10 More Flowering Annuals For The Prettiest Garden Ever!

The prettiest flowers to grow in your garden or balcony.
Want to grow your own flowers for a bright and cheerful patch of natural color? If you don't know which plants thrive in Indian weather conditions? Or which plants flower? 

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A lush and colorful garden border
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Here's a list to get you buying the right plants for a the prettiest garden ever!

African Daisy (Arctotis Grandis)

Commonly found in the gardens of North India, African daisies require porous soil, low temperature and humidity to survive. Seeding in September month will yield flowers within 4 months.

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Plant them in a bed for a colorful formation
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Spider Plant/ Cleome Spinose

These plants can be grown both in winter and summer with the flowers blossoming after 3 months of seed germination. The bright pink, rose and white shades of these blooms adds a breath of fresh air to your garden.

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Freshen up your winter garden with these vibrant flowers
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Planning a mixed border in your garden? Be sure to include this one! It can grow as tall as a meter and is also very low maintenance and has a long life. Cornflower can also be used as cut flowers for decorative purposes. Sow them in September for blooms in January!

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Cornflower grows quickly and flowers heavily 
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Ceolosia Plumosa/ Cockscomb

Cockscomb belongs to the hardy annual variety and can be grown during summer, winter and rainy season! Cockscomb vary greatly in height and are planted in January or February for flowers in the summer.

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Get a full head of colour with a mixed herbaceous garden
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Marigold is a common flower in Indian households and are mostly grown in either pots or beds. Marigold is also used as cut flowers for religious and decorative purposes.

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Marigold grows easily in pots too
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Petunia Hybrida

Petunia is also very popular and is mostly grown in bed formation or as a herbaceous border. Petunia are also seen in window boxes or pots in the balcony. Petunia's funnel shaped flowers need porous and rich soil for growth.

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Grow them in window boxes to add color inside and outside your home
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Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis Alpestris)

Seeds for this plant are sown in September or October and they flower after 5 months of sowing. Forget me not's flourish in pots or beds.

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Forget-me not's have  beautiful blue flowers
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A very popular plant variety in India, Balsam is grown mostly in the summer season or rains. The colors of the flowers can vary from pink, rose, white, blue, and crimson to many other shades. balsam's need rich, porous but moist soil to grow with high humidity and lots of sun.

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Balsams are perfect for any Indian garden 
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Dianthus Barbatus/ Sweet William

Sweet William can be treated as both an annual and a perennial. Sweet William's are annuals when grown in the plains. They are great as cut flowers and are mostly grown in beds and borders. If the seeds are sown in September it will blossom from December to March.

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Add them to your home’s interior or use them as cut flowers
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Cosmos Bipinnatus/ Cosmea

This free flowering annual plant is used for bedding or even in mixed borders in a garden. It can grow well in both sun and semi-shade, and in all kinds of soils. It is mainly known as winter plant with seeds sown in June/July months for the flowers in early winter.

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These self seeding plants have many beautiful varieties
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These annual plants can be used in a suitable mix around the year to keep your garden looking colorful and fresh in all seasons!



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