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Annuals are seasonal and bloom for only three to four months a year. Try these 10 easy annuals for a colorful, fragrant garden!

Try these 10 easy annuals for a colorful, fragrant garden!

Annual plants are mainly for decorative purposes in a garden. Annuals are seasonal and bloom for only three to four months a year. The term "annual" can be misleading for many newbie gardeners as it refers to plants that take an year to complete their life cycle from germination to its fading. 

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Colorful flowers brighten a border
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Here are some easy annuals for you to plant in your garden this year.

Sweet Pea

This climber has colorful and fragrant flowers that adorn your gardens with a riot of color.

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Flowers transform from light mauve to blue as they mature
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China Aster

Plant them in the early spring and they will keep you company well into late summer or even fall with their white, crimson and pink flowers.

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The multi-coloured blooms of China Aster
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Available in red, pink, mauve or even white, these plants form seed-heads that you can cut off to make dry arrangements.

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Red poppy flower ofen founnd in Indian gardens
Image - Photoflora.com


These large disc shaped flowers have a golden yellow color. Sunflowers are known to blossom when the sun is out and go to sleep at sun down, a garden that you would not wish to disturb!

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Sunflowers are named after their sun like, fiery heads!
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Dianthus Chinesis/ Indian Pink

One of the most commonly grown garden annuals is available in shades of pink, blue, white and red. To grow well, Dianthus Chinensis requires loamy soil and full sun. Seeds for this one can be sown by September and they blossom after 3 months.

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Bright pink Indian flower for your seasonal garden 
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Dianthus Caryophyllus/ Carnation

If you need an herbaceous border or bedding of flowers, carnation is your best bet. You can grow them in winters, but they act as perennials when grown in hills. Cut the stems regularly and give it full sun exposure with loamy soil to grow properly.

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Carnations can be perennials in cooler weather 
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Also known as corm marigold, this popular Indian annual flowering plant grows up to 40-60 cm in height. They bear bright colored flowers and can be sown in all kinds of soils as they get a lot of sun.

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Multi colored chrysanthemum
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Calendula Officianalis (Pot Marigold)

Calendula can be found in Indian homes and gardens very commonly and are grown in both beds and pots. Marigold needs rich and porous soil for growth and blossoms within 2-3 months from seeding

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Bright orange flowers used for decoration
Image - Wikimedia.org

Adthaea Rosea/ Hollyhock

In a tropical climate, Hollyhock grows as an annual. Planting them along a wall will give a nice mix of color and a pretty line of sight because of their height. To get summer blooms, plant these seeds early in the year, around January.

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Give your winter garden a pop of color with this flower
Image - Pfaf.org

Amaranthus Hybrida

These flowers grow as tall as a meter and have a crimson red plume that resembles a spike. Best grown in pots to be displayed in the current season.

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These shrubs look best when grown in pots
Image - Studyblue.com

Don't have a garden? Every plant on this list will do just as well in a pot on your balcony! Plant a flowering annual today to enjoy their colorful blooms in the coming months.



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