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Every one of us wants a beautifully decorated, trendy home, but not all of us get every trend right, in fact here are 11 home decor tends that you are definitely doing wrong!

Get the decor trend absolutely right! 

Every one of us wants a beautifully decorated, trendy home, but not all of us get every trend-right, in fact here are 11 home decor tends that you are definitely doing wrong!

Paint Color

Paint Color should give a vibrant look and feel to any room. Choosing a set of complementary colors for a room is definitely a good idea but don’t overdo it! An upper limit of three colors, with at least one neutral color, make for a pleasing mix.

Article Image
An elegant living room with soothing green walls and white ceiling
Image- Imagiart.com


Ornamental pieces or other accessories such as potted plants have to fit the size and complement the color of the room. Never overcrowd a room with accessories, instead create a spacious feeling.

Article Image
Living room furniture and accessories appropriately arranged within small space
Image: Sunnyhomeliving.com

Wall Paper/ Decals

The color and pattern of wallpaper/ decals are very important. Large prints for small rooms give a crowded look while small prints in a large living room fade away. 

Article Image
Girl room decorated with a wall decal
Image: Marrens.com

Furniture Size

A delicate sofa with a large painting above or a large sofa with a small coffee table will look mismatched and ruin the entire look. Ensure furniture sits well along with space, size, design, and style parameters.

Article Image
Fashionable furniture relates to the decor of a stylish room
Image: Ccsvisolution.com

Window Treatments

Hanging short curtains subtract from the look of the room, to make a room feel taller hang floor-length curtains instead. The color and pattern of window treatments should blend with the other accessories in the room, the same goes for the curtain rod.

Article Image
Beautiful flower patterned curtains
Image: Rusacc.com


Too many colors in a room are distracting and may even make the room clumsy. Choosing hues of one color maintains continuity.

Article Image
A living room in hues of cool blue
Image: Rebls.com


Rugs need to relate to furniture placement in a room. Consider placing all the furniture in such a way that they either touch the rug or are placed on it, a floating rug can look out of place in a room.

Article Image
A dining table placed on a rug
Image: Azlifewave.com

Over Stylized Decor

Using too many knickknacks or decorative pieces makes a room look chaotic. Choose only a few items to display, you have an extensive collection consider rotating pieces. 

Article Image
Black and white wall décor near the entrance of house
Image: Jabwt.com


Outdated fixtures take away from any renovation or home improvement project, change fixtures periodically to keep up with the latest trends. 

Article Image
Out dated fixtures are a no no!
Image: Antiquesbrickandstone.com


Decorating around a theme is the way to go but overdoing a theme makes rooms look tacky.

Article Image
Simple looking living room with owl theme
Image: Coolhomeaccents.com

Cluttered photos

Placing too many photos or artworks on a table gives a shabby look to the room. If you want to display many photos, organize them into a neat gallery wall behind a sofa or on a staircase wall.

Article Image
A living room gallery wall 
Image: Houseandhome.com

 So get the trend right and your home beautifully decorated ASAP! 



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