5 Things To Do Everyday That Guarantee A Cleaner House!

Who doesn't want a clean home? Lists of an easier way to a cleaner home are like a riveting fairy tale but for adults! What does work, unlike the multitudes of hacks listed endlessly on the www, are the little habits and small tweaks that actually make a difference and eventually a cleaner home. 

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Everyone wants a clean home without the work involved
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To start with, try to do these 5 things everyday to guarantee a cleaner house. 

Make The Bed

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, leaving it unmade will make the whole space look untidy and unclean. Simplify the process of making your bed, use a fitted sheet that doesn't need to be pulled into place each day or a quilt or duvet that matches the bedroom decor so it looks more aesthetic.

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Before and after - Make your bed!
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One Thing Everyday

Instead of attacking your entire home, top to bottom and inside out at one go, temper your over enthusiastic cleaning instinct and try to clean one thing everyday. You'll get things done without feeling exhausted or frustrated with the entire process, and that will help you clean consistently over time.

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Just clean one thing a day
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Never Leave A Room Empty Handed

This one is a true life changing habit! Never, ever, leave a room empty handed and you'll be surprised at how much neater your home is without really making time to actively clean it. Things that are taken out will get put away much faster, especially if you encourage every member of your family to pitch in and do the same and less clutter equals a cleaner home plus you'll save a whole lot of time you spend picking up after everyone.

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Clear up as you go
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Wipe Down Counters

Just like making your bed makes the bedroom look cleaner, wiping down kitchen counters mops up food and spills, and wiping bathroom counters cleans up stains and dirt , and this is a simple way to make both the kitchen and bathroom look cleaner with very little effort. Save the heavy duty cleaning of the kitchen sink or scrubbing the toilet to once or twice a weak but wipe-down everyday.

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Clean counters everyday
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Organized Foyer

Your first step into the house is into your foyer, and an untidy, dirty foyer is going to make you feel stressed at the end of a long day. Keep foyer clutter like mail, flyers and newspapers, to a minimum. If this is where you store shoes and other essentials like umbrellas, rain coats or office bags, try to organize them  neatly. Providing a designated space for all things is often the first step to a cleaner home!

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Inculcating these easy habits, that are not time intensive, will make a real dent in your cleaning routine, saving you time and energy and leaving you less frustrated but with a cleaner home to boot! Guaranteed!

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